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-Who are we?  

Our career started with OEM production of headphones when we worked for the famous A-class headphone brands. In the meantime, we also sought opportunities in the international trade exhibitions worldwide.

Once in a while, we were surprised to find that the gaming headphones are all heavy bulky designs, either low quality or uncomfortable to wear. 

Why do we have to endure the painful gaming experience? Why can't we design the most lightweight and comfortable gaming headphones by ourselves?

An experienced manufacturer for more than ten years, we have confidence in our products, and would like to help consumers to just enjoy gaming joy with our headphones.

Thus, we created EKSA.   


-Why should people choose EKSA?  

Our motto is No burden, just joy.   

Unlike other gaming headphones, EKSA gaming headphones are lightweight and comfortable. There are big-name gaming headphones in the market, but good products don't always require a lot of money.

Based in China, we have advanced manufacturing processes, excellent experienced acoustical engineers, electronic engineers, structural engineers and industrial designers, which contribute to premium products at a competitive price. 

EKSA is devoted to bringing real comfort to each gamer around the world. No burden, just joy.

JAN. 7-10, 2020

Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas Nevada

FEB. 27~MAR. 1, 2020

Boston, MA, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, USA

APRIL 11-14, 2020


JUNE 2~6, 2020

TICC Taipei International Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan

JUNE 9-11, 2020

Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, United States Center, USA

Oct. 6-10, 2020

Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE

NOV 11-15, 2020