EKSA Launches EM600 Gaming Mouse - Red Dot Design Award 2022

Are you interested in getting the best wired gaming mouse on the market right now? Red Dot certifies EKSA’s RGB Gaming Mouse - EM600. Read more below.

The Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot is an international body that takes an interest in the design of products. Annually, it hosts a design competition called “The Red Dot Design Award” to commend businesses or brands that have designed something outstanding for the world to use. The award selection process is overseen by competent communication and product design experts, who also double as juries.

This year, Red Dot recognizes the work of EKSA, a brand committed to making incredible products – mostly gaming headsets and gaming mice. The award for the best product design goes to EKSA for the EM600, an RGB advanced wired gaming mouse with superb functions. It is a well-deserved award, considering the amount of work and the number of features integrated into the device.

EKSA EM600 Red Dot Award 2022

EM600: The Best Wired Mouse of 2022

EKSA’s EM600 is Red Dot’s winner of 2022, and there are reasons why that happened. This pc gaming mouse has everything you need for convenience – the features make life easier.

Below are the features & benefits of the EM600 mouse.

1. 100% Accuracy

The EM600 RGB advanced gaming mouse is one of the most accurate devices you’ll ever use. The mouse guarantees 100% accuracy, which is a feature that makes it entirely different from many pc mouses on the market. This mouse has an integrated sniper button for accuracy, giving you quite the advantage when playing games. You can switch from low DPI to sniper-precision targeting with this sniper button. That means you can take clean headshots without stress using this device.

EKSA® EM600 RGB Advanced Wired Gaming Mouse
2. Lightweight and Convenient

Listing a lightweight mouse, the EM600 is definitely one of the options to consider. It is a super incredible gaming mouse with a 90g (total weight, i.e., with the cable, it should be less than 120g). That means you can use the mouse anywhere without worrying about the effects of long use on your shoulder or wrist. And because this pc gaming mouse is convenient, you can play games for as long as you want without your hands getting tired.  

3. Excellent Precision via Sensor

Every cool gaming mouse has a feature that makes them extraordinary. For the EM600, the precision sensor with TTC dustproof gold micro switch is one. Switching from one mode to another can be difficult when playing games. However, EKSA considered this struggle and decided to integrate a gaming-grade sensor to enhance the switching of modes. That means you can change from 500 to 6000 DPI in seconds.

There is also an advanced feature, i.e., the competition-grade precision, that allows you to switch up to 12,000 DPI in a few seconds.

4. Ergonomic Design

Talking about convenience, you have to consider comfort and ergonomics. An ergonomic gaming mouse guarantees maximum comfort considering its shape. The pc gaming mouse should fit perfectly into your claw or palm grip without causing a strain. EKSA’s EM600 RGB mouse fits this description. It is a mouse built for the ultimate comfort, allowing you to play for hours without stressing your fingers or palms.

5. Durable and Effective

Looking for a good gaming mouse, one of the vital factors you’ll have to consider is durability. It is a factor that determines how long you can use the device without losing its effectiveness. EM600 was built with the finest materials to ensure excellent durability. Now, the quality of this material doesn’t affect its effectiveness; instead, it enhances it. The pc gaming mouse has been tested for 20 million clicks, and it remains very active.

6. 8 Programmable Buttons

The functionality of a device often depends on the features integrated into it. For a mouse, it sometimes depends on the number of buttons available. The EM600 RGB wired gaming mouse comes with 8 programmable buttons – it is a wired mouse with side buttons. These buttons give you a wide selection of shortcuts and also accessibility to secondary functions for more control.

However, the programmable feature does not work with Mac operating system. And if you use a windows computer, you have to download the eight mouse buttons via EKSA’s driver software on the brand’s website.

7. Drag-Free & Easy to Control

There is always a notion about wired gaming mouses: they are always hard to control. With the EKSA EM600, that notion is false. This wired gaming mouse offers a smooth control even with its flexible cable. It is drag-free, allowing a user to perform better and be in control for longer.

 8. Excellent Anti-Slide Side Grip

The ergonomic grip is one thing about this device; the anti-slide side grip is another. After using a mouse for some time, there is a good chance that you will have sweaty palms, and then they will start to slip off. In fact, the sliding often makes your gaming experience uninteresting.

With The Red Dot Award winner, EM600, the best wired mouse 2022, you won’t have a slip experience because of the anti-slide side grip. There is good friction with the grip to make sure you enjoy your game.  

9. 12 RGB Customizable Lighting Backlit Modes

Setting the right mode sometimes plays a role in how you will enjoy gaming. The atmosphere needs to be perfect if you want to play for long hours. Interestingly, the EKSA EM600 mouse makes that possible in the little way it can by providing 12 lighting modes. This custom gaming mouse allows you to set the mouse’s lighting to how you feel, improving your experience.

EKSA EM600 RGB Advanced Wired Gaming Mouse

10. Budget-Friendly

Finally, the EM600 is the best budget gaming mouse. It costs less than $25, making it a readily available option for people on a tight budget.


Considering what the EM600 RGB gaming mouse has to offer, as shown above, it is indeed the best gaming mouse. It deserves to be The Red Dot’s winner for product design. You can get this wired gaming mouse on EKSA’s website and start enjoying an incredible game time with friends here on.


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