What Are ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) Gaming Headsets?

Many gaming enthusiasts enjoy the new environmental noise cancellation headset feature. However, have you ever wondered what goes on behind every ear muff? What shrouds the noise?

Well, you'd have to keep reading to find out more!

The best noise-canceling gaming headset should be able to monopolize the user experience.

What is ENC?

Environmental Noise Cancellation simply means removing external noise in the environment. Others call it background noise.

Background noises are mostly what users hear when gaming. It might be from the most minimal objects. For example, a door jam, splatter of keys, big background noises like car horns, your neighbor's voice, etc.

Thus, an ENC function headset can distinguish the slightest noise and filter it out. Moreover, it helps promote better sound quality in the communication with their gaming pals.

The built-in integrated chip in an ENC headphone  is advanced and improved with Intelligent Noise Reduction Algorithm. When the ENC headset starts working, the ENC  (Environmental Noise Cancellation) function automatically and actively detects and filters out more than 90% of low and mid frequency environmental noise so teammates aren’t distracted in chat by noises that might be occurring around you, ensuring a clear Discord-friendly gaming communication.

Advantages of ENC headphones for gaming

ENC headphones are the latest features in the gaming headsets. Below are a few advantages of using an ENC headphone over a regular gaming headphone when playing games;

1. Comfort

Every gamer should expletive maximum comfort in other to enjoy their favorite games. The headphones are stress free and players can distinctly listen to their pairs when gaming without any glitches. Nothing beats comfort in a heated game session. Players can also control the level of noise resistance from their headphones.

2. Built for Intense Gaming

ENC headphones are designed for battle gaming. The noise quality is generally heightened when playing certain gaming tournaments. This is an efficient ENC chip is the best choice to prevent auditory canal failures.  The chip captures independent signals and fetches out the target voice from the surrounding external environmental noise. 

Players can play while listening to their voices without distractions.  No more cracked or mixed signal voices when speaking into the microphone. It is the most irritating phenomenon any gamer can experience.  The mute and on/off saith buttons regulates the amount of noise penetrating each ear muff.

3. Seamless Communication

The clear communication between a headphone with an ENC feature and one that is devoid of a n ENC feature is evident.  Seamless communications between players are what everyone desires.

EKSA E910 5.8GHz ENC gaming headset

If you're looking for comfortability and an ENC function wireless headset for gaming, this is for you. The E910 is one of the best wireless gaming headphones.

The built-in ENC chips cancel out up to 90% of disturbing sounds. It makes your voice dominate. You can play while hearing your voice and not that of the existing environment.

The wireless gaming headphone allows players to play games from anywhere without worrying about connecting wires or detangling wires. The wireless boundary exists within a 33-foot transmission range. 

The E910 has a 5.8GHz wireless connectivity to prevent lagging issues and glitches. It paves the way for other devices to connect seamlessly to the headsets.

E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming Headset

The E910 is an ENC gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound. The built-in chip doesn't require you to install a driver before installing. The player can automatically set up this driver setup.

If gamers wish to acquire a customizable sound, downloading a drive before installing is essential. The 7.1 surround sound enables players to listen to their opponents without glitches. 

The ear muffs. Th a contributing factor to the ENC function. It completely seals ear canals and vents harsh noises. It is achieved with the use of high-end memory foam. 

The microphones are flexible. Gamers can stretch the microphones to enable voice visibility.

Last but not least, it enables gamers to switch between gaming and network modes with the click of one key!

EKSA E3Z ultralight gaming headset with ENC function

The E3Z is another fan favorite. The E3Z was distinguished as one of the most ultralight gaming headsets with ENC function. It is highly convenient, especially with mobile gaming.

Sure your gaming set may not be mobile due to certain devices. However, the E3Z allows players who love mobile gaming to use this headset without incompatibility issues. After all, convenience is paramount to every gamer.

It weighs a minute amount of 0.24 lbs. Warning, you may lose consciousness over headphones. You may forget to have it on! It has a plastic exterior which contributes to its lightweight. 

EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus Ultralight Nintendo Switch™ Headset

The E3Z has a refined ENC technology. The corresponding noise is significantly reduced in real-time.

The microphone quality is excellent and unmatched. Considering the low price of the E3Z, its components and features are overpriced for the low budget you get to spend.

The E3Z has a default connection of a type-C cord. This is great because it goes excellent for connecting devices with different operating systems. You can connect your smartphone, and mac, PCs, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

The earmuffs are super soft and comfortable. When powered on, it blinks with a breathing red light. If it irritates you, you may decide to switch it off.

The driver has a diameter of 40mm. It is highly sensitive to external noise and cancels out any lingering noise. 

The E3Z is the best headset for mobile gamers, especially at an insanely affordable price with all the essential features. 

EKSA E900 Plus ENC gaming headset

The E900 plus can filters out even the slightest mid and low noises for up to 90%. The ENC sensor chip built-in can single-handed single out sounds and focus on the target frequency without distorting noise production. It processes every sound and picks out the desired sound.

E900 Plus Environment Noise Cancelling Gaming headset

It is stress-free, and gamers wouldn't have to keep adjusting their headset while playing. The noise cancelling mic can easily rotate to any degree for user comfort. E900 Plus comes with a 2m USB cable for great compatibilitiy with PC, Mac, PS4, PS5 and Laptop. With the plug to play 7.1 surround sound gaming headset, E900 Plus is considered as the best option for PC gamers with budget under $50.


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