EKSA Elevates Gaming Experience at Lords Mobile 2024 World Championships

EKSA, pioneering gaming peripheral brand,played a pivotal role by providing the premier audio solution at Lords Mobile & Doomsday: Last Survivors 2024 World Championships. 

Known for their cutting-edge technology and superior sound quality, EKSA Gaming Headphone significantly enhanced the immersive experience for both gamers and spectators alike.

The Championship: A Feast of Strategy and Competition

The Lords Mobile 2024 World Championship brought together elite global players in a thrilling competition for the prestigious title of the very first World Champion. This intense strategy game feast, blending fierce strategic battles and immersive gaming experiences, allowed both online and offline audiences to feel the charm of e-sports. Let’s dive into the highlights of the game.

EKSA Best gaming headset elevating IGG gaming experience

EKSA Gaming Headsets: The Audio Solution for Lords Mobile

In this exciting event, EKSA shone as a brand committed to providing High-quality gaming peripherals. All 30 game commentators wore EKSA’s Sci-Fi design Gaming Headset, the StarEngine Pro. Powered by EKSA's exclusive 7.1 SoundBase technology, this stylish RGB gaming headset delivers immersive spatial audio, enabling narrators to precisely identify the direction of each sound. Combined with VoicePure ENC, it ensures everyone stay fully immersed in the game, even in noisy environments, allowing them to effectively explain the intense game situations to the audience.

From strategic troop deployment to epic spectacle defense, the perfect combination of strategy and power was on display. EKSA headsets allowed us to immerse ourselves in the excitement of the real battlefield and charge forward with unstoppable energy.

7.1 surround sound gaming headset ensure gaming audio

In addition to the wonderful gameplay,IGG engaged the on-site and live stream audience with captivating interactions, offering them the chance to win enticing prizes, including the coveted the EKSA® E1000 WT Wireless Gaming Headset. Equipped with True 2.4 GHz gaming wireless technology, E1000 WT gaming headset ensures low latency and rapid data transmission, offering an immersive, lag-free wireless gaming experience. Equipped with ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology, the microphone cancels up 96% of background noise, enabling gamers to communicate clearly during in-game chats, thus enhancing the overall gaming experience and increasing the likelihood of victory in every game.

EKSA sponsors IGG event with Noise-canceling gaming headphone

Conclusion:Gaming Revolution

The competitive environment of this World Championships stimulates innovation and advancement within the gaming industry. EKSA’s presence at this world-class eSports competition not only reflects their commitment to excellence in the gaming industry, but also underscores their determination to raise the standard for competitive gaming audio. By delivering ultra-low latency, immersive surround sound and ENC in-game communication, EKSA ensures gamers enjoy the highest level of auditory clarity and immersive gaming experience every moment.

Keep level up gaming experience with EKSA!


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