Elevating Gaming Excellence with the E900 Pro Upgraded Edition

Gaming enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in gaming peripherals. EKSA has answered the call with the upgraded version of their E900 Pro gaming headphones. In this article, we'll explore the remarkable enhancements that set the E900 Pro upgraded edition apart from its predecessor, revolutionizing the way you experience gaming. From immersive sound quality to personalized aesthetics and ergonomic comfort, the E900 Pro upgraded edition has it all. Let's dive into a world where gaming becomes an unparalleled adventure.

Best Gaming Headset for PC - EKSA E900 Pro Upgraded

Enhancement 1: EKSA Dual Chamber Drivers - Elevating the Gaming Experience

One of the standout features of the E900 Pro upgraded edition is the EKSA Dual Chamber Drivers. This unique technology is not just a technical upgrade; it brings several significant advantages to gamers, enhancing their gaming experience in various ways.

First and foremost, the EKSA Dual Chamber Drivers separate sound into two distinct chambers: one for bass and another for mids and highs. This division eliminates interference between different frequency ranges, ensuring that every sound element is delivered with clarity and precision. This means that in games, sounds become more lifelike, allowing you to easily discern enemy footsteps, gunshots, or other critical in-game sounds.

Furthermore, the EKSA Dual Chamber Drivers offer greater sound customization. Through the EKSA DualPro Channel, you can individually adjust the sound characteristics of the two chambers to suit your personalized preferences. You can reduce distortion, enhance the clarity of high frequencies, brighten midrange tones, and enjoy more powerful bass. This sound customization allows you to fine-tune your audio experience based on the specific requirements of different games, ensuring you have the best auditory experience possible.

Lastly, the EKSA Dual Chamber Drivers provide gamers with precise sound positioning, making it easier to track in-game enemies. Whether it's locating enemy positions in FPS games or discerning environmental details in RPGs, you benefit from more accurate sound cues. This enables you to react more swiftly, ultimately enhancing your competitiveness in gaming.

In summary, EKSA Dual Chamber Drivers are not just a technological upgrade; they deliver a richer, more precise, and personalized audio experience for gamers, giving them a significant edge and enjoyment in their gaming endeavors. This technology empowers the E900 Pro upgraded edition with superior sound quality, making it easier for you to secure victories in your gaming adventures.

Enhancement 2: Streamlined LED Light Control

In the E900 Pro upgraded edition, an exciting feature has been introduced, allowing you to have more flexible control over the LED lighting. Now, with a single button press, you can effortlessly turn off the LED lights, even during intense gaming moments. This feature offers practicality and convenience, making it easier for you to focus on your game without any distraction caused by the lights. Additionally, for those who prefer nighttime gaming, this function reduces the brightness of the lights, creating a more immersive gaming environment without the need for extra lighting.

This level of control not only caters to gamers who wish to have an illuminated look but also to those who prefer a more understated appearance. It adds a layer of personalization to your gaming setup, allowing you to adjust the LED lighting based on your needs, enhancing the customization of your gaming experience.

Enhancement 3: Revamped Logo Design

The aesthetics of the E900 Pro have received a makeover in the upgraded edition. The familiar three horizontal bars in the logo have been replaced with a sleeker, more modern three-triangle logo. This change not only enhances the headphone's appearance but also solidifies the brand's image as one that is always evolving and staying current with the latest design trends.

upgraded gaming headphones for controller - EKSA E900 Pro

Enhancement 4: Streamlined Connectivity

In terms of connectivity, the E900 Pro upgraded edition simplifies your gaming experience. Previously, the headphones had two separate jacks for connecting to your device. In the upgraded version, EKSA has unified the connection with a single USB-C port. This change not only makes the headphone setup more convenient but also creates a cleaner, more straightforward design, reducing cable clutter and streamlining your gaming setup.

Enhancement 5: Enhanced Comfort with CloudSoft Ear Cushions

EKSA has taken comfort to a new level with their CloudSoft Ear Cushions technology. These ear cushions are lined with protein leather, offering a soft, breathable, and gentle feel on your skin. Designed for maximum comfort, they fully encompass your ears without applying excessive pressure to your head, a common issue with on-ear models. The ergonomic design keeps pressure off your head, preventing soreness and fatigue during long gaming sessions. With these ear cushions, you can relax in comfort and keep gaming all day and night without discomfort.

Enhancement 6: Improved Ergonomics

In the E900 Pro upgraded edition, the hinge design's rotation angle has been increased from the original 10° to a more ergonomic 30°. This enhancement makes the headphones even more comfortable to wear for gamers, reducing discomfort during extended gaming sessions.

In Closing: A Gaming Revolution

The E900 Pro upgraded edition is not just an incremental improvement; it represents a revolutionary step in the gaming world. With advancements in sound quality, lighting control, design, connectivity, comfort, and ergonomics, it offers a comprehensive package that redefines the gaming experience. Whether you're a competitive esports player or an enthusiastic gamer who thrives on immersive experiences, the E900 Pro upgraded edition is your gateway to a whole new level of gaming. It's time to upgrade your gaming setup, immerse yourself in the virtual universe, and achieve victory like never before.


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