How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse for You?

Everything you need to know about the best gaming mouse 

A mouse is an essential tool for every gamer. However, a gaming mouse is different from a regular mouse for laptops and desktops. Certain functionalities differentiate a gaming mouse from a regular mouse, such as size, ergonomic design, and cable connectivity.

A good gaming mouse offers a plethora of options to enhance player's satisfaction. Whether you're on a tight budget, you deserve the best PC gaming mouse in 2022.

These three gaming mice top the charts for the best budget gaming mouse. They are; the EM600 RGB gaming mouse, EM500 lightweight gaming mouse, and EM200 wired gaming mouse. Let's find out why they're every gamer's favorite.


The EM600 is undoubtedly the best RGB color gaming mouse. It is a powerful mouse, highly sensitive to the slightest movements. Every finger movement is felt using a strong 12000 DPI optical sensor.

Its highly competitive sensor offers users 100% accuracy in precision when gaming. The precision is under the catalytic control of a gold microswitch.

The EM600 is 50% lighter than most gaming mouse. It weighs an optimum size of 90g. However, its size excludes the wiring component.

EKSA EM600 RGB Advanced Wired Gaming Mouse

It is an ideal gaming mouse for every hand size. The 16.5 x 4.6 x 2.56-inch size is suitable for users with small to large hands users. They can easily access controls with unique side buttons.

The EM600 recently won the RedDot product design for 2022 in the best and most advanced ergonomic design category. 

It is one of the few gaming mouse with side buttons matching its perfectly contoured figure. 

With nine programmable side buttons, the ergonomic gaming mouse enables players to operate and switch between actions swiftly.

The 2022 reddot winner has over 10 million colors due to its 12 RGB lighting effects. It serves to create a whole new gaming experience. 

Gamers can also adjust color brightness, color, and display features.

The EM600 has a portable design that supports user comfort with a thumb rest. The three different grip styles are compatible with the EM600. 

The claw, fingertip, and palm grip styles allow users to pick a suitable hold.

Asides from all the fantastic features, it is an affordable and professional gaming mouse. It has a high compatibility rate.

It is compatible with almost any operating system. The soft fiber wire has an anti-interference jacket protecting users from a power surge.

In addition, the reddot winner consists of an eco-friendly plastic material. It is anti-sweat and anti-skid. 

Players never have to worry over mouse skidding.


As the name implies, it is one of the lightest gaming mouse at a cut budget. It is also known as the ultra-light gaming mouse. 

It is famous for its 68g weight. Game is can easily maneuver their grip when playing. 

It has 8 resilient buttons for better user control. The lightweight gaming mouse has a DPI speed of 12400. It is easily adjustable, allowing users to move the mouse at any speed.

Furthermore, the EM500 gaming mouse has over 15 million keystrokes to user touch. Its eco-friendly material promotes durability and longevity. It lasts longer than most gaming mouse.

The keys do not malfunction due to their sturdy designs. It is of high value to prevent key malfunctions. 

Gaming can get intense sometimes, and maintaining a firm grip is paramount. Gamers can always hold on to their grip with its sleek and portable design. 

The gaming mouse has a suitable size for small and medium-sized hands. It has a dimension of 16.5 x 4.6 x 56-inch size.

The lightweight gaming mouse comes with an ingenious packaging box. Gamers should expect one wired gaming mouse and a user manual for easy installation in every box. 

Another fantastic feature of the EM500 gaming mouse is its compatibility. It is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system. 


The EM200 wired gaming mouse is a hi-tech mouse with a removable magnetic cover. It has two unique covers to match the gamer's style. 

It is a simple mouse with a 12000 DPI optical sensor. The sensors consist of six adjustable settings, 1000/2000/3200/4800/6400/1200, enhancing mouse speed when playing. 

Players can easily customize mouse sensitivity as decisions to fit gaming needs.

The gaming mouse comes with seven programmable buttons for east control. It enables easy access to secondary functional controls. 

It is an affordable gaming mouse that has over 80 million touch durability. Frequent key malfunctioning seldom occurs. 

It is compatible with all windows operating systems. The 13 RGB color modes consist of 18 million customizable color combinations and prepare players for a new gaming dimension.

The balanced tuning allows players to adjust the weight to fit the mouse grip; in cases where hands are too small. The adjustable size is between 90g and 108g.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Good Gaming Mouse 

There are several gaming mouse in the gaming world. However, selecting the most functional yet affordable gaming mouse can be exhausting.

Below are factors to note when choosing a good gaming mouse;

Type of Game

Every gaming genre has a set of requirements for gaming. Some games primarily focus on precision and accuracy, while others rely on speed and movement. Different mouse functions are better for a certain game type. 

For a single-player game, precision matters rather than programmable aide buttons. However, programmable buttons will prove efficient or a multiplayer game where actions matter.

Time is one thing multi-players can control. Thus, with a programmable button, they might just be able to acquire that control. Players access features at a fast pace while gaming control. 

Optical Vs. Laser

A good gaming mouse consists of either a laser or an optical sensor. A gaming mouse cannot have two types of sensors. 

The differentiating factor is that a laser mouse uses laser beams to brighten surfaces. 

An optical sensor, on the other hand, uses the means of infrared LED technology. 

Most gaming mouse contain an optical sensor. It is more prevalent amongst most gaming mouse because it is cheaper than a laser sensor. Both sensors come with their pros and cons. 

Glitches and jitters don't occur when playing with an optical sensor gaming mouse; glitches and jitters don't occur. 

Another reason laser technology isn't as popular as optical sensors are its high DPI. Nowadays, a lower DPI is best for a smooth gaming experience.

However, a laser gaming mouse's advantage over an optical one is surface compatibility. Gamers can play on any surface. 

An optical mouse can only function properly on an opaque, flat,  non-luminous surface. It is the reason behind mouse pads for an optical gaming mouse. 

Dots Per Inch

Dots Per Inch is also known as Counts Per Inch(CPI). It is simply the sensitivity of a gaming mouse. 

In other words, any slight movement moves a cursor over a considerable distance on the screen.

However, It can serve as a setback when gaming. A high DPI is not suitable for gaming.

If a mouse with 16000 DPI is moved over a short distance, the cursor subsequently covers a distance of 16000 on the screen. 

Though, most gaming mouse have an adjustable DPI setting.

Polling Level

A polling level or rate measures how frequently a mouse curse returns to its original position in hertz (Hz). A good gaming mouse should have a polling level of 500 Hz. 

An important point to keep in mind is that the higher the polling rate, the more CPU resources drain.

Grip Style

The grip style determines how firm players hold a gaming mouse. The grip style also determines shape, size, and design. There are three common grip styles, palm, claw, and fingertip. 

A palm grip is the most comfortable grip position. The palm and fingertips rest on the mouse. All player's arm weight rests on the mouse. 

A palm grip is perfect for gliding and sliding action. 

It needs a broader and longer mouse shape for easy flexibility. An ergonomic mouse design is the best option. 

The claw grip is a little challenging but efficient. The index and middle fingers arch to form a claw shape to attain this position. 

Just the bottom surface of the palm rests on the mouse. This grip style provides users with more wrist control when using a gaming mouse.

Fingertip grip keeps the palm bottom off the mouse. Only the fingertips rest on the mouse.

There is less contact between the hand and the mouse. A lightweight gaming mouse works best with a fingertip grip. 


Connectivity deals with a wired and wireless gaming mouse. A wired gaming mouse is the most popular type of gaming mouse. 

The cable serves as a powerhouse to the mouse, and it transmits signals from the mouse to the computer. 

Users never have to worry about battery replacements or charges. They are more affordable and have a faster response time.

A wireless gaming mouse, on the other hand, a wireless gaming mouse sends signals through radio wave technology. 

It has a built-in transmitter and a separate receiver that connects the computer through a USB port. 

However, it needs a battery to function effectively. A wireless gaming mouse is a portable choice for players who don't fancy the entanglements from wires.


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