The Most Comfortable Gaming Headsets You’ll Love All the Time

Why gamers need comfortable gaming headsets?

A gamer needs a great headset  to hear all the important details down to the subtle sounds. However, more than a great gaming headset with a mic, you need headsets that don’t hurt your ears. Gamers are one the few people that use headsets for a long time beating tough levels and topping championship lists. But a headset that does not put comfort into account will move around too often that you’ll have to adjust it now and then which can affect how good you play.

It would also feel too heavy and hurt your head and ears. Others can even have a hard clamp force or a short over-ear cup which can cause a headache in the long run. So why would anyone use their money to buy headphones that hurt? That is why this guide was put together – to save you from headsets that will do nothing but cause aches and bruises.

The 3 most comfortable gaming headphones

Below are our best picks of lightweight, comfortable headphones that feel like your head is in the clouds. Note that these gaming headphones have comfort as the priority but also have other great features including sound, noise filter, and so on.

EKSA Air Joy Plus Ultralight Nintendo switch headset

First off, EKSA is a brand that is devoted to high-performance gaming solutions among other things. That is why their headphones are nothing less than quality. However, the EKSA Air Joy Plus Ultralight Nintendo Switch Headset caught the attention of the masses because of just how comfortable and lightweight it is. Weighing only about 204g, one can wear it for hours without feeling the weight at all. It is also rated as one of the lightest mobile gaming headsets of all time.

But apart from the lightweight design, the EKSA Air Joy Plus headset has two more qualities that make it first on the list. This wired gaming headset has soft and large earmuffs which do two things to the ear. The plushness of the earmuffs causes the headset to feel like a soft fluffy pillow that doesn’t hurt the ear in any way and the size of the earmuffs ensures that your ear is not crammed in a tiny space which usually hurts the ear in the long run.

EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus Ultralight Nintendo Switch™ Headset

The second reason EKSA Air Joy Plus is a great choice is because of the adjustable headband design. This design makes the headset versatile for everyone. Whether you have a small head frame or a large one, or whether you use glasses, you can adjust the headband so that it doesn’t clamp your head and ears too tightly.

Another feature of the headset is that the advanced dual ENC technology for the microphone eliminates up to 96% of surrounding noise for high-quality calls and conversations. It is compatible with Mac Games, Nintendo Switch, Laptops, PCs, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5.

EKSA Air Joy pro 7.1 surround sound headphones

The next most comfortable headset is unsurprisingly another EKSA product that weighs slightly less than the EKSA Air Joy Plus. This PC gaming headset provides great sounds with well-represented bass and gratifying highs and mids. But above that, it is very convenient for gamers due to the design.

It weighs 162g which is less than half of how much most headphones weigh. It cannot feel heavy on the head and hence neck pain is not possible with the headset. Also, the EKSA Air Joy Pro erases the problems of over-ear headphones that cause headaches from squashing the headbands to force a fit, especially when they are top short.

EKSA Air Joy Pro 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

With their unique design, gamers don’t have to be worried about a gap around their earlobes or having headaches after a great game. The buttons are also located on the headphones for convenience while playing. However, the headset has some other cool features that makes it a great choice for our list.

It comes with a 3.5mm audio cable connection and a noise-canceling, bidirectional microphone that will catch your voice from all directions while excluding background noises. It is also designed to give full experience with PC games. Still, it is reported to be even better after it has been upgraded to 7.1 surround sound

EKSA E3D Air Joy Lightweight Gaming Headset

Already in the name, the EKSA E3D Air Joy lightweight gaming headset is another comfortable headphone that weighs less than half of most headsets in the market. The foldable gaming headphone takes the load of overhead pressure off with its ultra design and cushion headband. It has mesh earmuffs with ear cups that are filled with cushions derived from plush memory foam.

It also has enough resistance that prevents the headphone from hugging your head too tightly which can cause headaches over time. The over-ear headphones do not cover the ear completely for ear breathability and the volume and mic control buttons are located on the headset for better convenience so it can be worn for a long time without needing to remove when needed.

Other features of the headset include a clear-chat mic for good communication with other players, a 3.5mm cable for connection to a PC, and a cable length of almost 6ft. The size of the speaker is relatively large at 40mm and the sensitivity of the headset is about 96dB+/-3dB.


The most comfortable headsets of all time remain EKSA because their headphones are designed in such a way that the ear cup size and depth, ear-cup extension, headbands, and clamping force are placed into consideration for optimum comfort. They are all lightweight and have close to zero probability of causing hurt, ache, or bruise to your ear and head.


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