5.8GHz Gaming Headsets: Time for an Upgrade

EKSA, the next-generation line of top gaming headsets owner, owns the EKSA E910 5.8G wireless gaming headset, one of the best budget gaming headsets in 2022. Nothing in the gaming headset market even comes close to the new EKSA E910 5.8G wireless headset features.

Founded by hardcore gamers, the EKSA R&D Team spent close to two years researching the best gaming headset market, and they managed to incorporate the best features of the best gaming headsets of 2021 into the E910 5.8G wireless headset. One of the company spokespeople explains, "Apart from the 7.1 surround sound gaming headset for immersive gaming audio (Especially for FPS games) that is incorporated into the new E910 5.8G, ultra-light gaming headset and the ENC headset with advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm & Deep Learning speech de-noising technology have also been into the new E910 5.8G wireless headset.

EKSA E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming Headset

However, as we all know, the best gaming headset helps to stay glued to your gaming sit. When getting a wireless gaming headset, what matters are excellent battery life, flawless and strong wireless connection, up to a reasonable distance that keeps up with gaming and voice chatting without a fuss. We also expect nothing less than excellent audio and a competitive price. However, this is where E910 5.8g, the best wireless gaming headset, comes in.

E910 5.8g wireless gaming headset is one of the best gaming headsets at a reasonable cost in 2022.


Also referred to as the best Xbox and Ps4 gaming headset at the moment. The E910 5.8g wireless gaming headset is loaded with the following features;

E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming Headset

  • 5.8GHz USB Wireless Connection– This is a part in the E910 headset that allows easy connection of the headset with your console/platform and then allow you to play with perfect sound because the 5.8hrtz signal doesn't allow household interference, which means it gives a stable sound, unlike the 2.4hrtz signal USB connections which are severely interfered by its environment.
  • Zero Tangible Latency- This feature gives the E910 wireless gaming headset the capacity to eliminate interference by blocking out the distractions with this latest ENC noise-cancelling technology. This frequency provides a 15ms low latency connection and stable sound transmission up to 15 meters. This feature enables Xbox users to enjoy staying farther from their screen to enjoy their gameplay better. So it is assumed to be the best gaming headset for Xbox and Ps4 at the moment.  
  • Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound- Immersive: 360° sound is possible with EKSA 7.1 surround sound software which simulates a unique sound-stage, giving gamers the complete audio experience. No driver needed to install; plug in to play. It's that easy. 
  • One-key Switch Sound Mode: The one-key switch mode allows easy switch and automatically activates the surrounds sound mode when pressed and in terms enables you to accurately detect opponent's positions and actions when playing the game. 
  • USB analogue: -this enables the E910 headset to be compatible with as many devices as possible, such as PC, Mac, Laptop, Play Station 4, and Play Station 5 platform.  
  • Retractable Unidirectional Microphone: This feature enables clear Discord-friendly gaming communication with fellow gamers, an excellent feature that differentiates E910 5.8g wireless headset as one of the best in the market when searching for gaming headsets with a mic.
  • Comfortable Ear Muffs and Flexible Sponge cushion Headband: The E910 has Comfortable Premium (big size) PU leather soundproof memory foam that provides the purest gaming environment for hours of play; without having ear pain. Flexible adjustable headband allows for balanced weight distribution and reduces clamping force. Making you play all day and all night nonstop with comfort.
  • Clear Discord-friendly gaming communication- EKSA E910's dual microphones have ENC's latest active call noise reduction technology. The noise recognition mic decreases 95% of external noise while the call mic mimics face-to-face, so friends are never far away. The microphone is also stretchable depending on how you want.
  • USB Type C Charging port:  The E910 5.8g comes with a USB type c port that enhances faster charging of a time frame of 4 hours which is considerably faster than other wireless gaming headsets.
  • Works with all platforms, so you don't have to be worried if you want to use it on a different console/platform.
  • It can eliminate sound interference due to d ENC noise-cancelling technology giving gamers a complete audio experience.
  • Ability to produce virtual sound experience for gamers using eksa 7.1 surround sound software, allowing gamers to experience every pitch of the sound made during gameplay. This enhances the gameplay experience.
  • Fast charging, the USB dongle which uses type C, enhances how quickly the headset charges giving the headset a total charging rate of less than 4hrs. 
  • Attached with the headset is a retractable unidirectional microphone which allows you to communicate with gamers. The microphone is stretchable depending on how you want it and how comfortable you want to be while using it.
  • Installation doesn't need an extra driver before installing the E910 5.8g wireless headset. You connect to your device/platform and use it.
  • 1200mAh Super Battery:After completely charging the headset, it can serve as long as 10-12 hours before recharging, making it enjoyable and saving the stress of charging the headset repeatedly.
  • It is economical,the excellent E910 5.8g wireless headset is one of the best cheap gaming headsets for less than $100.

The quality of the microphone relatively needs improvement, simply because it gives weak signal making it difficult for your opponent to capture what you are saying properly.

EKSA can work more on improving the charging period to less time as well. Everyone will like a fast charging, which means less time to charge and more time usage.

Apart from special delivery to some people for promotion, the headset doesn't come with a gaming headset stand.

However, if this few cons are fixed, the E910 5.8g wireless headset turns from an extremely good gaming headset to the best gaming headset of 2022.


The price of the E910 5.8g wireless headset ranges from $60 to $90, this depends on the vendor you are buying from.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best gaming headset for your Ps5 or the best cheap gaming headset for your Xbox one, the E910 5.8g wireless headset is the ideal wireless gaming headset to buy.


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