The Best Gaming Headsets to Gift Your Gamer Friends for Christmas

Everyone loves to spend time with their family and friends during Christmas. We gather around for dinner, play games, and relive memories from the past. But, the most important time is when we share Christmas gifts. If you have purchased a Christmas present before, you would agree that it isn’t a simple task. You need to consider your loved ones preferences, search for that product, and hand it over to them. However, you cannot be sure that they liked the gift until you see a smile on their face when they see the present.

Today, we will share some great Christmas gift ideas that will make your kith and kin smile wide. Spoiler Alert! These are gaming headsets and earbuds. If you are on a hunt to find a perfect gift, gaming headsets would be a great surprise. So without further ado, let’s go through some gaming headsets that you should purchase as Christmas gift for men.

GT1 Earbuds

EKSA GT1 earbuds

This is the right time to introduce wireless earbuds by EKSA. GT1 earbuds are widely different than other earbuds in the market. EKSA offers wide ranging headsets and headphones for gamers with high quality and performance. However, they manufactured the cobra designed earbuds for the first time. These buds come with wide variety of features such as noise cancellation algorithm, long battery life, touch controls. These gaming earbuds are ideal for mobile gamers, but these perfectly work with other devices like computers and gaming consoles. If you want to purchase these earbuds as a gift, the recipient will remember it forever.

The earbuds are suitable for long gaming sessions and other casual activities. For instance, users can work out or run without worrying about entangled wires. Also, wireless earbuds reduce fatigue and improves your body posture. However, wired gaming headset distracts users in certain situations. If your husband or boyfriend loves music or play games on mobile, PC, or gaming console, they will find these earbuds to be perfect.

EKSA GT1 wireless earbuds have cobra-themed design with visible lights. Also, these best wireless earbuds are light weight with sleek and curved design. They come with a charging earbud case with cobra-themed design. GT1 wireless are the best earbuds 2021 and offer high quality sounds and touch controls to switch between games and songs. Moreover, users can connect these Bluetooth earbuds with every device that contains Bluetooth feature.

EKSA GT1 earbuds are unique with extended charging and playback time. Gamers can use these earbuds for up to seven hours, which is a significant amount of time for such a tiny little gadget. Here are some features of EKSA GT1:

  • Comfortable fit
  • Easy switch between music and game mode
  • Super clear sound
  • 26-hour batter life
  • Compact charging case


E900 Pro Wired Gaming Headset

EKSA E900 PRO gaming headset

EKSA E900 Pro is a wired gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound features. This makes it an ideal Christmas gift for men. These top gaming headsets are closed-back with detachable noise cancellation microphone. Although these headsets are bulky, their ergonomic design makes them a comfortable option. Soft ear cushions with slow-rebounding memory foam prevents gamers from getting overwhelmed during long gaming sessions. What’s more, the squishy headband gives extra comfort to gamers.

EKSA E900 Pro has a noise-cancellation microphone that is detachable. Its noise cancellation algorithm detects the main sound source and eliminates unnecessary sounds. Once the algorithm detects the source, it will process those signals only, allowing gamers to communicate with their teammates without distortion and ambient noises from the background.

Furthermore, the noise isolation feature blocks external noise from entering into the PS5 headset providing gamers an excellent audio experience. Since the muffs completely adjust with the users’ ears, sound can’t cross the muffs. The feature completely disconnects gamers from the outside world, so they can solely focus on the game.

7.1 surround sound features make sure that gamers receive best sound quality and enjoy the game the way it was meant to be. Headsets with surround sound have multiple speakers on each side that provide 3-dimentional sound. With such a high quality sound, gamers can easily identify their opponents’ location if they are nearby. They can listen to footsteps, gunfire, and vehicles nearby and make a full-proof strategy to defeat the enemy. This noise cancelling headset is compatible with every gaming device such as PC, gaming console and smart phones. Here are some mind-blowing features of EKSA E900 Pro headsets:

  • Retractable Noise Cancelling
  • Omni-directional Microphone
  • 1 surround sound
  • Multiplatform compatibility


E910 Wireless Gaming Headset

EKSA E910 headset

If you purchase EKSA E910 headsets as Christmas gifts for boyfriend, he can elevate his gaming experience and win more games. Immersive sound effects and integrated noise cancelling microphone enable users to interact with the game and their teammates even more. With this wireless gaming headset gamers can listen to sound effects such as chopper flying and enemy’s footsteps and alarm their teammates. When a headset offers such qualities, gamers can improve their overall game.

Some basic features that make xbox wireless headset outstanding are sound quality, build quality, wireless connectivity, integrated microphone, and comfort. The immersive sounds while playing racing and FPS games will disconnect the gamer from outside world. Also, the build quality and design provide comfort, ideal long gaming sessions.

Even if your loved ones listen to music a lot, they will enjoy this PS4 wireless headset with mic because it offers a well balanced mix of all kind of music genres. Buttons on the right ear makes it easier for gamers to switch between music and games. They can increase and decrease the volume and mute the mic whenever they need.

If you want an affordable Christmas gift for husband with advanced features then EKSA E910 wireless headset with retractable microphone and the ENC technology will be the best bet. Good speakers and microphone makes it a unique option. These headsets are compatible with multiple platforms such as Windows and Android phones. Now you may wonder how you can connect these headsets with PS5, especially considering this gaming console doesn’t contain Bluetooth. Thankfully, the EKSA 910 wireless headsets comes with USB Dongles, so you can flawlessly connect it with PS5. Here are some of this headsets features:

  • Low-Latency
  • Noise Cancelling feature
  • Retractable microphone
  • 1 surround sound and stereo sound
  • 8 hours of playback time
  • Buttons and controls
  • Wireless connectivity


E1000 Wired Gaming Headset

EKSA E1000 gaming headset

EKSA manufactures top quality headsets for gamers. If you are looking for a gaming Nintendo switch headset with mic as Christmas gifts for husband, boyfriend, or kid, then EKSA E1000 would be a perfect option. These headsets provide natural and crisp sound quality. This gives gamers upper hand in a competitive matches. Whether, your loved one is fond of Counter Strike: Condition Zero or PUBG Mobile, they can use these headsets to enhance gaming experience and upscale their skills.

The surround sound offers best experience to the gamers. Furthermore, these budget-friendly headsets have a robust build quality. The incredible design, soft and high quality headband and ear cups make for a comfortable and smooth fit. The first thing that a gamer must consider while purchasing a playstation headset is comfort. Since these headsets aren’t bulky, users don’t have to worry about neck or back restraints during long gaming sessions.

Professional gamers understand the importance of background noise cancellation mics. These microphones detect the main sound source and eliminate other distracting noises from the background, enabling clear communication. Furthermore, EKSA 1000 wired gaming headset is compatible with plenty gaming devices such as PS4, Mac, and PC. Overall, these headsets are convenient and easy to use. Besides games, you can use these headsets to listen to music and watch movies. Some outstanding features of the EKSA E1000 are:

  • 1 virtual surround sounds
  • Super compatibility
  • Noise cancellation microphone
  • Ergonomic design
  • Volume control
  • Mic mute switch



EKSA offers wide range of gaming headsets with multiple features such as noise cancellation microphones and sound isolation. Since these headsets are manufactured keeping gamers in mind, they are comfortable, soft, and ergonomic. Using these headsets, gamers can play games for hours without getting overwhelmed. Besides comfort, these headsets are compatible with almost every popular gaming device such as PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for your gamer friend, husband, or boyfriend, then the headsets mentioned above are hard to beat. If you are not sure about the options, you can always check other gaming headsets by EKSA as well.


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