The Best PC Gaming Headset of 2021

Having the best PC gaming headset will enhance your video gaming experience and eliminate background distraction so you get excellent audio quality when playing any game. You should purchase a headset that gives you customized features to communicate with your teammates, deliver rich sound quality, and most importantly eliminate background sounds. Here is the list of the five best PC gaming headsets that you should purchase right away:

1. EKSA E900 Pro

eksa e900 pro

E900 Pro is one of the best Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound gaming headsets manufactured by EKSA. This gaming headset offers high-quality performance and is available in a budget-friendly price range. Furthermore, this good gaming headset is compatible with Xbox, PS4, Switch, PC, and smartphones. The EKSA E900 Pro has an ergonomic design that makes it perfect for playing hours of non-stop games.

These headsets come in black and red colors, which give them a perfect and sleek look. Also, the comfortable aluminum frame and well-padded leather ear pads make it more soft and comfy. The ear pads are detachable, so once they wear off, you can replace them with new ones. Moreover, the ear pads are comfortable and suit different ear shapes and sizes. Also, if you have a big head, you can comfortably wear these headsets for hours. Volume control is easy with these headsets as they include physical buttons. The noise cancellation feature and detachable mic make this a perfect choice for gamers.

2. EKSA E910

EKSA E910 gaming headset

Another gaming headset PC by EKSA made it to the list of our best PC gaming headsets. EKSA E910 come with an advanced physical button on the left speaker that gives complete control over the mic and speakers to gamers. The noise cancellation features give you an incredible experience as you can communicate with your teammates without background noise and distractions. That way, you can hear the footsteps of the enemy or chopper flying over your head. The noice cancellation technology detects the distance of the sound source from the mic and eliminates every other noise. The comfort, sound quality, and integrated microphone about this best wireless headset for pc are outstanding.

3. HyperX Cloud 2

EKSA gaming headset

At number three of our best PC gaming headset list, we have got Cloud 2 by HyperX. This pc gaming headset has a heavy bass-heavy profile. Another amazing feature of this headset is its comfortable fit. The sound quality is amazing and emphasizes the sound effects during action-packed games. For a more casual look, you can remove the detachable mic. The mic quality is impressive and gives you clarity while you communicate with your teammates. While recording, the noise-isolating feature eliminates the background noise so you can have an incredible gaming experience. The battery life of these headsets is 30 hours, which is enough for long and continuous gaming sessions. Surprisingly, the best part about these headsets is that you can use them while charging.

Besides interesting features, there are some disadvantages to purchasing these gaming headphones pc. Firstly, these headsets don’t include personalized features such as presents or graphic EQ. Therefore, you need to depend on the default settings. Also, the noise isolation performance isn’t the best.

You might sometimes notice a leak in the sound. This indicates that these headsets aren’t ideal for music fanatics. Meanwhile, when you’ll turn the volume up, the background sounds can be annoying while playing intense game rounds. People having these headsets, often complain that the sound delivery changes when they move their head, especially when you have glasses or thick hair.

4. Razer Opus

EKSA gaming headset

Razer is a popular brand for gaming headsets, especially for its comfortable design and versatile performance. Like EKSA headsets, Razer Opus Wireless also comes with active noise cancellation technology, which blocks the ambient noise. This is an excellent feature to let players concentrate on the game and coordinate with their teammates. The default sound profile of this wireless pc headset is very well-balanced and is compatible with different devices. Whether you want to play video games or listen to your favorite music, these headsets have excellent performance and suited for different genres and content.

 However, the recording quality might not be as good as one might expect from a gaming headset. But, it does a pretty good job of eliminating the background noise and creating a quiet environment. Furthermore, these headsets aren’t compatible with watching movies on your phone due to high latency, especially for iOS devices. What’s more, these gaming headsets have an incredible and continuous battery life of about 32 hours. Therefore, you can play non-stop video games using these Razer headsets.

5. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

EKSA gaming headset

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is a wired gaming headset and offers mind-blowing sound quality. On purchase of these headsets, you’ll receive a SUPERAmp USB dongle, which helps you control the volume and enable you to mix audio. Whether you use these headsets for PS4 or Xbox One, their performance remains excellent. That said, you must buy a variant amp for the headset to work properly.

The performance of Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is impeccable and the headset is fully compatible with PCs. To use this headset on your phone, you need Turtle Beach Audio Hub companion software. The software will help you access mic monitoring, EQ preset, surround sound, and noise gate settings. The noise-isolating feature blocks the background noise so you enjoy clear sound while playing video games.

These pc headset with mic aren’t perfect for long gaming sessions, as the design is not very breathable. Furthermore, your ears might sweat as well because of the fit. The headset’s seal, fit, and position are highly sensitive when you place it against your head. Unlike EKSA E900 Pro, these headsets have a leaky sound and don’t filter out the entire background noise. All these disadvantages make them unsuitable for music and gaming in crowded environments. However, their comfort level and adjustability make them a good option as a wired gaming headset.


After considering the comfort, sound quality, and other features of these top five headsets, we can say that EKSA E900 Pro is the best PC gaming headset of 2021. The headset gives you multiplatform compatibility, a high-quality mic, and 7.1 virtual surround sound. Furthermore, the noise cancellation feature and affordable price are some additional benefits of purchasing EKSA E900 Pro headsets.


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