Top EKSA Gaming Headsets with Awesome Noise-canceling Mic

Now we are all familiar with what gaming headsets do for the users as it immerses the wearer in the awe of the game he/she is playing, bring the visuals to life with a barrage of stunning sound effects that could trick the mind into thinking that it has been absorbed into the virtual world of the gameverse just like an isekai anime.

That is why I am recommending the E910 and E3Z Air Joy Plus gaming headsets to all who are in love with their video games and not just the pro-gamers. Why am I recommending these absolute beasts to gamers, well below are a few good reasons.

Wireless Gaming

We as gamers love the freedom that accompanies the distance between our gaming chair and the gaming consoles/GPUs devices currently in use, and one of the things that get us angry is that when we have gotten things prepped for a wireless comfortable gaming period we now have to be hampered by the wires on our headsets.

That is one issue that the E910 5.9GHz wireless gaming headset has completely fixed; not only does it come with ENC (environmental noise cancellation), but it also comes with a 5.8GHz wireless technology that supports a transmission distance of 10 meters (33ft), which is enough for gamers’ use.

E910 is a gaming headset with ENC that transmits at an impressive 5.8GHz USB Wireless Transmission Technology. It was designed with the express goal of making gaming more enjoyable and smooth for gamers.

EKSA E910 Wireless Gaming Headset with ENC

Being wireless means you have no issues with cord entanglement, no lagging, no disruptions, and as this is a very advanced beast it has no signal interference due to the 5.8GHz. 

Therefore, when looking for a good wireless gaming headsets with premium noise-canceling mic under $100; go for the greatness that is found in the E910.

And in the case of the E3Z Air Joy Plus ultralight gaming headset, this varies from the E910 as this is a wired gaming headset, the common is the E3Z is with ENC function as the E910. Don’t look down on this beast because it has cables, the E3Z lightweight gaming headset must be the best option if you are looking for a truly comfortable gaming headset for long gaming play and with a good noise canceling microphone to smoothly talk with your gaming pals.

Dual-Mic with ENC function

What exactly is ENC?

Environmental Noise Cancellation, or ENC, assesses ambient sound and makes the opposite sound via electronic processing. As a result, there is substantially less noise and distortion. There are two distinct sections to ocean waves. The crest is at the top, while the trough is at the bottom. The flat sea is created by combining the height of the crest with the depth of the trough. When you add +1 to -1 in mathematics, the outcome is 0. Environmental Noise Cancellation technology works on the same principle. The only distinction is that sound waves are used in these connected gaming headsets.

The ENC mechanism is activated by a dual-mic noise cancellation algorithm, which clears the sound and improves communication in the noise-canceling headset. ENC technology can reduce ambient noise by up to 35 decibels and eliminate 90% of negative environmental noise. This means that the ENC chip, which is equipped with an omnidirectional microphone, estimates the position of the sound source and filters out any other noise in the environment. The only sound it shields is that of the main object. As a result, players can interact freely with their colleagues without being interrupted.

Dual-Mic with ENC algorithm removes environmental distortion in all directions and improves the sound quality of the source. This allows gamers to interact with their teammates without having to repeat themselves. Furthermore, with better and improved sound quality, you won't need to turn up the volume to the maximum to hear your pals.

Traditional headphones do not provide the same level of fidelity. Indeed, these headphones put pressure on your ears, causing you to become tired. To avoid sounding like you're in a wind tunnel, you should invest in a gaming headset with a microphone, such as the EKSA E910 and E3Z Air Joy ultralight gaming headsets.

Traditional gaming headphones are popular because of their sleek design and appearance. Due to increased rivalry, gamers, on the other hand, want a high-quality gaming headset with good mics and a glossy design. Technical features such as environmental noise suppression with dual-mic distinguish the EKSA E910. Apart from high-quality sound, these ENC headphones have several other features that are ideal for gaming; this makes them the best options when choosing noise cancelling gaming headset.

To put it in simple terms, both the ESKA E910 and the E3Z Air Joy are the best gaming headsets with ENC, so if you are looking for the best gaming headsets with effective mics do not get carried away by the unnecessary glitters and sleek designs of others, choose either of the E910 or the E3Z as they are the headsets with the premium mics.

Sound Mode Switch

This is a very addictive feature of the EKSA E910, what is most surprising is that the manufacturers thought deep about how to make the gaming headsets more than just gaming headsets, what I mean by this is, they thought of, and developed headsets that have real-world applications than that of just strictly gaming.

The result of this is a button that switches between a 7.1 surround sound for gaming and a stereo sound for music use. And I very much love this feature, I can use my headset not only for decimating enemy forces on my favorite action/adventure game but also to give myself a treat with my favorite tunes to liven my mood before serious combat or after taking huge losses, and I advise for the former you should listen to warriors by imaging dragons and the latter anything from Coldplay.

Painless Fit

Many gamers have been left with seriously sore ears after long-time gaming, and with the E910 such problems are now a thing of the past as the gaming headset comes fixed with more cushions for more comfort, and to exemplify what exactly I mean, the E910 is installed with a polygonal Diamond Iron Mesh Sliding arm, soft head cushions, and an imitation protein skin inert memory sponge all acting hand-in-hand in making this beast soft in handling while the E3Z Air Joy Plus is designed for gaming comfort even after all day gaming, this ultralight comfortable gaming headset with ENC technology would bring gamers an extremely enjoyable gaming experience.

EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus Ultralight Gaming Headset With ENC


Therefore if you are looking for a gaming headset with effective noise cancelling mic, grab hold of the E910 and the E3Z Air Joy Plus and make those in your clan extremely jealous at the clarity of your voice through the mics.


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