Introducing the Best Wired Gaming Headset: Welcome to the EKSA E900 PRO

When you want to take your gaming to the next level, you need a gaming headset that offers a truly immersive experience. Flawless sound, a crystal clear mic, and noise cancelling tech all need to come together to deliver a set of gaming headphones that leave nothing to chance. That’s where the latest offering EKSA comes into its own.


Meet the E900 PRO

The best headphones with mic have to deliver something so much more powerful than a standard wired gaming headset. They have to allow you to feel like you’re inside the game, with the ability to communicate with your teammates like they’re right there with you.


Not sure how you can find a USB headset with mic that ticks all of these boxes? You need to take a look at the key features the E900 PRO can deliver:


  • 1 Virtual Surround Sound capable of delivering immersive sound that’s top rated by the most discerning pro gamers in the world


  • Powerful 50 mm Driver for uncompromising bass performance across the entire range, all in a way that no other wired headset can compete with


  • Innovative Noise Cancelling Mic that makes this one of the leading PC gaming headset with mic options on the market, regardless of your budget


  • Protein Memory Foam EarCups and Headband for a comfort-fit experience that means you can focus on the fine details every pro gamer has to master


When you put all of these groundbreaking features together, you’re left with the best gaming headset 2021 has to offer. This is just what you want to hear when it’s time to elevate your gaming by upgrading your set-up. But that’s not all you need to know…


Where Can You Use the E900 PRO?

Thanks to the simple USB connection, the E900 PRO works with a range of different consoles, as well as part of any high-end PC gaming set-up.


Use it as a PS4 wired headset to immerse yourself in 7.1 virtual surround sound as you play classic titles like Gran Turismo or GTA. Or use the E900 PRO as a XBox One wired headset as you guide the Master Chief through Halo missions that will have you believing the enemy are right there in the room with you. And if you want to catch some Pokemon and go to battle, it also serves as the perfect Nintendo Switch headset with mic for gamers who accept nothing less than the best.


What Makes the E900 PRO Unique?

As the best wired headset on the market right now, the E900 PRO excels when it comes to the acoustic quality it’s able to deliver. The immersive quality of the 7.1 surround creates a real-world experience for any type or genre of game. Pro gaming is about feeling the adrenaline and making your moves a fraction of a second faster. To do it, you need immersive audio that helps you focus like never before.


Is the E900 PRO Only For Pro Gamers?

While the E900 PRO is designed to meet the needs of the highest level gamers on the planet, it’s priced at a point that makes it accessible to gamers of all abilities. This allows you to quickly and easily upgrade your set-up in a way that will connect you with a whole new gaming dimension. Perfect when you want to find the fine margins that make all the difference between winning and losing in the online world.


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