The Best Buy Gaming Earbuds in 2021

There's a big need for amazing gaming listening devices in 2021. However, finding ordinary Bluetooth earbuds or headsets that will erase external distraction and heighten focus are getting increasingly difficult. Although there are many variations in the market, getting suitable ones can be a bit confusing. Instead of blindly searching for the best buy gadgets, this article cuts through the tech speak and fluff to show you the best choice in 2021.


Gaming Earbuds or Gaming Headsets? 

 Firstly, there are different choices when deciding on your gaming equipment. You can choose between a gaming headset and a gaming earbud. This choice can be made with different considerations in mind, however, they often include the following:

  • PRICE: Pricing is the first thing to consider before buying any gaming equipment. Many of these gadgets are known to be quite expensive, but this does not mean you should not enjoy comfort and quality within the range of your budget. Whether you are a beginner or pro gamer, you want to enjoy the best quality.

Generally, gaming headsets cost about $50-$80, while true wireless earbuds prices range from $30-$50.


  • SOUND QUALITY: Most gamers might think gaming headsets are amazing in terms of sound quality, maybe because of the physically bigger build. However, over 62% of people use earbuds globally due to some reason.

Compared to gaming headsets, gaming earbuds are generally closer to the earbuds when plugged in and therefore transmit sounds with lower latency. This does not mean that some gaming headsets are not better than wireless gaming earbuds, but some of the best gaming earbuds such as the EKSA GT1 are by far the best choice in terms of sound quality.


  • COMFORT: Gaming is seen as a fun activity for many, but professionals do not share the thought of just gaming for fun. It is no wonder why you see many professionals sitting by the console for more than 3 hours, in long stretch gaming periods like this, it is important that you prioritize your health and comfort.

In terms of comfort, gaming headsets are just a tad bit preferable to gaming earbuds. Gaming earbuds are stuck into the ear and can cause steadily noticeable aches over a long period, while gaming headsets are padded to rest softly on the ears, ensuring utmost comfort. However, newly improved gaming true wireless earbuds such as the EKSA GT1 breaks this convention. They are fitted with soft ear tips which cushion the point of contact with the ears, thereby avoiding ache or any form of discomfort.



eksa gt1

 The EKSA GT1 Cobra true wireless gaming earbuds are perhaps the best you can get within their price range. Firstly, in terms of aesthetics, they adopt gamer aesthetics and come in a triangular-shaped box with blue LEDs running down the cobra design. Also, they have an ultra-low latency of 38ms which gives full sound quality and improves your gaming experience.


Additionally, the EKSA GT1 has a feature that allows you to switch between music and gaming mode. You can simply double-tap one of the earbuds to switch between modes. This feature allows you to enjoy casual music and intense gaming sensitivity, with just a simple gesture.

 eksa gt1

The charging cases pack a powerful 30 hours duration, combined with the 4 hours in the gaming earbuds, you can play for long stretches without having to recharge them. They are also equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0 with the SBC and AAC codecs.

 eksa gt1

In conclusion, these gaming true wireless earbuds are the best buy for their price range in 2021. With a price range of $50 or about £37 directly from EKSA, it's amazing how they combine functionality with affordability.



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