EKSA 7.1 SoundBase

EKSA 7.1 SoundBase provides an unrivaled audio experience with punchy and immersive sound. Every sneaky footstep and every explosive gunshot is reproduced with accurate positioning and stunning clarity, creating a lifelike battlefield. The plug-and-play feature means no extra hassle to get a truly immersive gaming experience across platforms - including PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC.

* Headsets Featuring EKSA SoundBase Technology: EKSA StarEngine Pro, EKSA E910, EKSA AirJoy Plus, EKSA AirJoy Pro, EKSA E900 Pro, EKSA E900 Plus, EKSA E1000 WT.

EKSA SoundBase Software

Get ready to be surrounded by the latest 7.1 virtual surround sound. You can get more immersion and better positioning thanks to EKSA SoundBase Software, independently developed and perfected by EKSA. This proprietary software offers a level of EQ sound customization to meet different gaming needs, and gets continuous improvements with firmware updates. To customize your preferred sound effects, simply download the driver from our download page.

Please note: it only supports Windows System.

EKSA 5.8G Lightningbolt Wireless

EKSA 5.8G Lightningbolt Wireless is a top-of-the-line solution that provides ultra-low latency at a remarkable transmission speed of up to 4096 kB/s. Enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience with synchronized audio and less signal noise. This 5.8 G wireless technology expands your possibilities, and makes you at the top of your game with less than 20 ms latency, and superior wireless stability with interference-protecting engineering. EKSA Lightningbolt Wireless Technology is on every gamer's wish list!

* Headsets Featuring EKSA Lightningbolt Wireless Technology: EKSA E910.

EKSA VoicePure ENC

DUAL-MIC System: Play distraction-free when you're immersed in your favorite game with EKSA VoicePure ENC. The sophisticated EKSA DUAL-MIC System includes a call mic and a noise-identifying mic, accurately identifying different ambient noises and human voices. At the same time, the latest AI-Powered Environmental Noise Cancellation [ENC] technology dynamically suppresses up to 99.8% of environmental noise while enhancing voices during in-game communication. The end result is true-to-life quality.

* Headsets featuring this DUAL-MIC System: EKSA StarEngine Pro, EKSA E910, EKSA E900 Plus.

One Mic: Perfect your game communication with EKSA VoicePure ENC. It isolates your voice from the noise around you with a noise-cancelling microphone, eliminating up to 96% of distracting background noise. You'll sound natural and clear in-game chats, giving you an extra competitive edge. 

* Headsets featuring this One Mic System: EKSA AirJoy Plus, EKSA E1000 WT.

EKSA Clarity Mic: Take your audio to the pro level with the EKSA Clarity Mic. It features a high-quality cardioid pickup pattern and provides superior speech isolation while suppressing noise from the back and sides. This pitch-perfect quality ensures that your voice commands are clearly delivered to your teammates, keeping you all ahead of the game.

* Headsets featuring this One Mic System: EKSA E900, EKSA E1000, EKSA AirJoy S, EKSA AirComfy S, EKSA 900 DL.

EKSA Dual Chamber Drivers

EKSA Dual Chamber Drivers feature one chamber for bass and a separate one for mids and highs. This separation provides a clearer distinction between sounds. The two sound chambers do not interfere with each other and can be tuned individually through the EKSA DualPro Channel - for reduced distortion, richer trebles, brighter midrange, and powerful bass. The end result is superior sound, making it easier for gamers to locate opponents and secure a victory.

* Headsets featuring EKSA Dual Chamber Drivers: EKSA StarEngine Pro, EKSA E910, EKSA E900 Pro.

EKSA CloudSoft Ear Cushions

Lined with protein leather, EKSA CloudSoft Ear Cushions are soft, breathable, and gentle on your skin. They're engineered for maximum comfort and fully encompass the ears without applying as much pressure to your head as on-ear models. The ergonomic design keeps pressure off your head, preventing soreness or fatigue over time. You can relax in comfort and keep gaming all day or night.

* Headsets featuring EKSA CloudSoft Ear Cushions: EKSA StarEngine Pro, EKSA E910, EKSA E900 Pro, EKSA E900 Plus.

EKSA EverClick Dustproof Golden Micro Switches

EKSA EverClick Dustproof Golden Micro Switches protect your equipment and give your gaming ability a competitive edge. The switches last through 20 million clicks that stay as consistently sharp and crisp as the very first. They also feature a superior 10 times dustproof effect that ensures greater longevity. 

* Gaming mice featuring EKSA EverClick Dustproof Golden Micro Switches: EKSA Gamer Master.

EKSA ProSense Optical Engine

The EKSA ProSense Optical Engine is truly state of the art, with a CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) image sensor and an optical positioning DSP (Digital Signal Processor). The CMOS "electronic eyes" collect images and synchronize them into a binary digital image matrix, while the DSP analyzes and compares adjacent image matrices to calculate the position of the mouse, no matter what mouse pad material it's on. You won't find more advanced technology for ultra-accurate positioning. 

* Gaming mice featuring EKSA ProSense Optical Engine: EKSA Gamer Master.

EKSA Dazzlight RGB

Get game-ready with EKSA Dazzlight RGB. The second you power it on, it glows with RGB color brilliance, immersing you in a broad array of colors. With 16.8 million colors and a variety of innovative lighting modes, EKSA Dazzlight RGB allows you to customize your gear to your liking and create your own gaming perfection. EKSA Dazzlight RGB is designed for serious gamers looking to win! 

* Gaming mice featuring EKSA Dazzlight RGB: EKSA EM100, EKSA EM110, EKSA EM200, EKSA EM500, EKSA Gamer Master, EKSA Glimmer.