What Is 5.8GHz?

What is 5.8GHz?

5.8GHz is a dual-band frequency that can support up to 1300mps, it is less crowded because fewer devices use it and have 23 channels devices that can be used. The number of channels available depends on the regulatory domain for your location. The frequency allocation is organized on a worldwide basis by the international communication union. Each country has its own authority regulating the use of the frequency spectrum. 5.8GHz is licensed to assist users who make their own assessment of the coordination situation with respect to other apparatus-licensed fixed service assignments. 5.8GHz is a preferred band for WiFi applications.


Why 5.8GHz?

5.8GHz is used today because it is available and most importantly, it has enough frequency to accommodate modern wideband signals. 5.8GHz is economical and more available, it is also used to improve economics and Technology trade-offs. 5.8GHz can support up to 1300mbps and it doesn't interfere with any other frequency. Some household appliances and gaming devices now use 5.8GHz against the 2.4GHz that has been in use for years.

Also, 5.8GHz is more beneficial on Xbox one wireless headset over 2.4GHz because it offers better FPS/latency with online streaming, Xbox one wireless headset has been listed as one of the best budget gaming headsets in 2021 because it is affordable and has all you need to get in the game.


Here are some distinguishing features of 5.8GHz:

  • It has a smaller area of coverage but has a better speed.
  • 5.8GHz is not accessible to a lot of devices.
  • It is the most preferred frequency for gaming and file streaming.
  • There may be connection issues if all devices are not running on 5.8GHz.
  • Using 5.8GHz is the best way to achieve optimum WiFi performance.
  • The channel can be used on a single wireless system without the risk of interference.


 5.8GHz is commonly applied in ISM applications, Network access points, WiFi and Wireless LAN applications, Radio local area networks, WiMAX networks, wireless audio, and video system.

However, local regulations and restrictions on the use of 5.8GHz frequency may change depending on the region or country where it is being operated.


E910 is the best performing ps4 wireless headset for gaming, no wireless headset in the market has the type of feature incorporated in this headset. This headset was founded by hardcore gamers for hardcore gamers, the founding team spent years researching and putting together the best materials into the production of this headset, making it the best gaming headset in 2021. It is an ultra-light headset with an advanced Al algorithm and deep learning speech de-noising technology.

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When compared with other 2.4GHz wireless headphones, there are a lot of obvious advantages associated with E910 5.8GHz.

  1. It has a transmission distance of 15meters.
  2. It can stay up to 10 hours before it goes off.
  3. It offers ENC microphone for environmental noise canceling, this makes your voice to be heard clearly without any environmental noise.
  4. It has a driver-free setup which is an advantage of the 7.1 virtual surround sound feature.
  5. It has a low latency of 20ms.
  6. It supports one-key switching between the 7.1 surround sound and stereo.
  7. The E910 5.8GHz wireless gaming headset has a built-in powerful magnetic neodymium speaker. It gives you an immersive gaming experience and you hear more sound details.
  8. It has a noise recognition microphone that can accurately identify the ambient noise and transmit it to the noise reduction chipset for elimination, this is to make sure that the microphone maximizes the call quality so that your teammates can hear what you are saying clearly.
  9. E910 5.8GHz has a large lithium battery which makes the charging process faster. You can get a full charge within 2 hours.
  10. You can return the E910 5.8GHz within 7 days of purchase if you discover any fault.

eksa e910 gaming headset


The E910 5.8GHz wireless gaming and music headset is compatible with PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, PlayStation 4, PS5 wireless headset, Android, wireless headset for Nintendo switch and Projector. Also, gamers can finally enjoy connecting with their friends and listening to their games on a Bluetooth wireless headset, you also enjoy quality audio whenever you are playing with our picks for the best wireless headset for the Nintendo switch which operates at 5.8GHz frequency, this is a great option.

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