EKSA GT1 Earbuds – The Best True Wireless Earbuds for Android Users

If you are looking for a quality pair of Android earbuds, wireless options are the way to go. Just a few years ago nobody wanted wireless headphones and earbuds because people thought that Bluetooth earbuds have high latency and low sound quality. Older Bluetooth earnuds could only supply low bitrate sound which did not sound great. Even worse, these earbuds weren’t offering stereo.

But things are different now as headphone companies emphasize more on sound quality and provide low latency. So if you are looking to buy the best audio gadget for your smartphone, you can choose from a wide range of quality earbuds on a tight budget. But, in this true wireless earbuds review, we will talk about the best true wireless earbuds for Android that dominates in several different categories.

Best True Wireless Earbuds

EKSA® GT1 Cobra True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

GT1 wireless earbuds by EKSA has gaming aesthetics and are compatible with multiple platforms. It comes with a cobra-designed and gaming charging box, C-type charging cable, and extra ear tips. Comparative to other earbuds with similar quality and features, this true wireless earbuds with charging case is highly low priced. Now let’s review each EKSA GT1 feature individually and figure out why they are the best true wireless earbuds for Android:

1. Battery Life

When purchasing a Bluetooth earbud or headset, you shouldn’t compromise on the battery life. Good battery life earbuds offer a seamless listening experience. After all, if you travel a lot or stay out of the home most of the day, you need earbuds with more battery life. Keep in mind that battery life is a deal-breaker when it comes to wireless earbuds. These earbuds is not only the best true wireless earbuds in 2021, but in 2022 as well.

In terms of battery life, EKSA GT1 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds have impressive battery life. Once you completely charge the earbuds, you get more than 6 hours of playback. That’s one of the best results for an earbud under $50. If you are playing a lot of traveling in the future, then you should buy these earbuds and get free from the low battery problems.

After 6 hours of continuous use, you can place them in the box. Surprisingly, the charging box gives additional 30 hours of battery life. This means that you can charge this truly wireless earbuds five times before plugging them with the charging cable.

2. Design

EKSA GT1 earbuds have a gaming look. Once you turn them on, the snake eyes on the stem will illuminate. Once you connect it with the device, the LED light flashes every 10 seconds. The design of these earbuds is outstanding. It comes with in-ear buds and a stem for an ergonomic feel. This means that once you stick the wireless earbuds for android in the ear, they won’t come off easily when you move your head.

Moreover, the earbuds are durable and sturdy and easily fit inside the ear. What’s more, they cleanly and tightly stick inside your ear as long as you use the poke and twist inserting technique. Unlike other earbuds, they won’t fly out of your ears. This means that you no more have to worry about losing one earbud during traveling.

With EKSA GT1, the best wireless earbuds for android, you won’t have any problem with comfort as they perfectly fit inside the ear. The soft earbuds won’t hurt your ears even when you play games for hours on your Smartphone. The resistant design and gaming look makes these best earbuds for android handy.

3. Wireless Connectivity

For wireless connectivity, you will get full Bluetooth 5.2 support. This means that you won’t have any issues connecting them with your Smartphone. Furthermore, you won’t get pop-ups and verification notifications while pairing these good bluetooth earbuds for the first time. Simply, navigate to the Bluetooth settings and choose the earbuds for instant connection. In just a few seconds, you can pair your earbuds with the phone.

4. Microphone

Both earbuds contain a microphone so you can communicate through your phone. There is a touch control button on each earbud that allows you to receive and reject calls. Once you receive a call, you can talk without worrying about background noise.

The microphone sensitivity is 101dB. This means that you can have clear communication on the phone. Even when you play Smartphone games such as PUBG mobile, you can coordinate with your teammates and create a winning strategy. The dual mic arrangement will instantly pick up your voice whenever you speak to the voice assistance or when you are on the call.

5. Touch Control

EKSA® GT1 Cobra True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

EKSA GT1 noise cancelling earbuds have some outstanding touch control on both earbuds, which enable you to control your smartphone. With a single tap, you can play/pause the audio depending on the device. When you double-tap the touch control, you can switch between gaming and music mode. Finally, the triple tap will open voice assistance on your phone.

With a touch sensor control panel, you don’t have to pick up the phone every time you have to receive a call. Furthermore, you can switch between songs, which bring comfort level to the next level. Imagine walking around in your home and performing all important functions, while your phone is on the table.

6. Sound

The sound quality is surprisingly good and above average. While listening to the music, you can hear every frequency quite clearly. Furthermore, you can also identify the depth in the sound. The bass is pretty much beefy and full. Even the mids and treble are clear and sharp. The overall sound quality is balanced and wide. Furthermore, with the noise isolation feature, the bluetooth earbuds under $50 block background noise, giving you an incredible experience.


The performance and quality of EKSA GT1 gaming earbuds is incredible. The ultra-low latency in audio transmission and touch control makes it the best bluetooth earbuds for android. The best part about these earbuds is that you can connect them with other devices as well. The battery life and sturdy design make this earbud worth purchasing.


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