Purchasing Guide for Best Sound Quality Gaming Headset

When purchasing a gaming headset you need to check various important factors such as comfort, budget, and mic quality. However, the most important feature that shouldn’t be missed is the sound quality. The best sound quality headset improves your gaming experience and helps you win more games. Now you may wonder how your gaming headphones Xbox one can lead you to more wins. Well, this article will answer this question and plenty more while suggesting you a good gaming headset pc.

Although a high-quality gaming headset should have a great balance between important features. but, sound quality is one of the important qualities. For instance, the EKSA E900 gaming headset includes a stereo sound and noise cancelation microphone for a better gaming experience. This headset is budget-friendly and offers an acoustic system. Below, we will learn how the best sound quality pro gaming headset improves your gaming skills and provide high-quality sound.


Why You Should Choose Best Headsets for Gaming

Games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends have accurate directional sound cues that help teams and individuals evaluate the opponents’ position. However, other games such as League of Legends and Dota 2 are different. Having high sound quality headsets for these games is  a bonus. In both these types of game types, developers aim to provide their players with an immersive experience. Considering that, you should purchase a noise canceling headset with a mic so you can enjoy your gaming experience.


Why You Should Buy a Gaming Headset with Best Sound Quality?

EKSA® E900 Gaming Headset for PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5

Here are some reasons why you should purchase top quality gaming headset:

· Top-Quality Sound

Gaming headsets are different than ordinary speakers and headphones. A gaming headset gives a crisp sound that will increase your focus on the game. Although some speakers deliver excellent sound, gaming headsets such as EKSA E900 will deliver high-quality sound, flowing straight into your ears.

Headset manufacturing companies specifically produce headsets considering the sound quality of modern games. These headsets will put you in a better position as you would hear even the slightest sounds such as footsteps and gunfire. For instance, EKSA E900 has stereo surround sound to take your experience to the next level. This headset is perfect for adventure-type games and first-person shooter games for an immersive experience.

· Noise Cancellation

Another reason to purchase a gaming headset is the noise-cancellation feature. Distractions around the house disrupt the gaming experience. Furthermore, the gamer won’t be able to anticipate the footsteps of the opponent and could lose the game because of such distractions. Distracting noise such as conversation in the next room and appliances can be irritating and lead to poor performances.

However, a noise cancellation gaming headset is a game-changer. When you wear the headsets with noise cancellation features, the mechanism evaluates the environment and detects the actual sound source that needs to be picked, which in this case is your voice. These microphones contain an ENC noise cancellation algorithm that cancels all the other frequencies other than the actual sound source.

EKSA E900 is the most comfortable gaming headset that contains noise cancellation features in both, the microphone and the speaker. Both these headset’s components work together and eliminate the interferences in the communication.Another benefit of this wired headset is that they enable high-quality communication between team members. Imagine you are playing PUBG on your computer and you enter the final circle with your teammates. You cannot risk a lack of communication in this condition. In this situation, all the teammates have to be attentive and efficiently communicate. Distraction in the voice can put your team in jeopardy. Therefore, every team member must have gaming headsets with noise cancellation algorithms such as EKSA E900.

· Noise Isolation

Headsets with poor noise isolation offer low sound quality. When you are playing a competitive match in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you must have headsets with audio cues. Active noise canceling and passive noise isolation are two important elements when it comes to sound quality. We already discussed how the gaming headset noise cancellation algorithm works. Now let’s understand what noise isolation is.

Noise isolation or passive noise isolation blocks sound coming from an external source. Manufacturers design these headsets in a way to ensure the earmuffs prevent distracting sounds from entering inside the muffs and disrupting your gaming experience. The reason why we suggest EKSA E900 is because it is perfect for improving the gaming experience. It contains all the important features including noise isolation. The earmuffs of EKSA E900 tightly fit your seals isolating ambient sounds and securing the seal.

· Reducing Disturbance

Besides blocking external noise, a high quality target gaming headset also reduces disruptions for others while you are playing the game. Let’s say if you are playing Fortnite in a room where your roommate is sleeping, you cannot use speakers as it could disturb others. But, when you are using a high-quality Xbox headset with a mic such as EKSA E900, you can play your favourite games without disturbing anyone.

Many ordinary headsets leak noise from ear muffs. These headsets are not suitable for having late-night gaming sessions. On the other hand, gaming headsets block sounds from both ends. This means that your sound will directly reach into your ears instead of leaking from the earmuffs.

· Better Communication

Some gaming headsets don’t include a microphone. However, the mic is an important component when you play with your teams. Without proper planning and consistently communicating with the team, you cannot win the games. Therefore, it would be best to purchase a headset with a high-quality microphone. For instance, EKSA E900 has a detachable microphone. Using these headsets, you can effectively communicate with your team in competitive games. EKSA offers a high-quality microphone that offers clear communication resulting in better tactics and teamwork.

· Wide Range of Frequencies

High-quality Nintendo switch gaming headset such as EKSA E900 has a wide range of frequency response. These headsets frequencies range between 20Hz to 20KHz, which makes them highly audible. These headsets with a complete frequency range give you a competitive edge as you can listen to low and high frequencies with distinctive features.


Best Gaming Headsets for High Sound Quality

EKSA® E900 Gaming Headset for PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5

If you are looking for the best noise canceling gaming headset with all the above features, then EKSA E900 would be the best choice. This wired gaming headset offers excellent sound quality, compared to plenty of other options out there. The build quality and noise cancellation microphone make it easier for you to play games with your friends for hours.

The EKSA E900 is one of the best wired gaming headsets from the EKSA product line. These headsets are compatible with PC, smartphones, Xbox, and Playstation. It offers complete control over the sound as you can manage volume and mute the microphone. The headset is beautifully designed to offer an impressive gaming experience to top players.

This gaming microphone headset is a comfortable fit and has a well-built design with soft padding. The steel arm headband is adjustable, offering complete comfort. Furthermore, the headband automatically adjusts when you move your head while playing the game.

The detachable microphone with a noise cancellation mechanism records high-quality sound after cleaning the background music. Also, when you play games with your friend, the noise cancellation mic eliminates ambient music from the background and only sends your voice to teammates. As a result, you can improve your gaming skills and boost your performance.

Combine the performance of this best gaming headset with their lightweight and you can rest easy knowing that you will receive maximum comfort while playing your favorite games. Now you may wonder a headset with all these features might be expensive, but that is not the case. EKSA E900 is an affordable headset with advanced features. Here are some of them:

  • Comfortable Fit
  • Seven-Foot Cable
  • Sleek Design
  • Convenient Buttons
  • PC Splitter Cable



Hopefully, you now understand what features a high-quality gaming headset offers to players. If we talk about the EKSA E900, it offers wide-ranging features and benefits to gamers. The sleek design and noise cancellation features make it a unique pick. If you want to boost your gaming experience and improve your skills, the EKSA E900 would be an ideal choice. The noise isolation feature completely disconnects you from the real world and transports you to the virtual world. So, if you want to purchase the best headset with a mic that is compatible with a gaming console, PC, and laptops, then consider opting for the EKSA E900.


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