The Perfect Way to Choose the Right Gaming Earbuds

Are you in the market looking for the best gaming earbuds that offer both performance and comfort? If so, you are in the right place because this article covers all the qualities that you should look for when searching for the best gaming earbuds for you. Instant communication with your team is a critical factor in how you proceed as a professional player. When you can’t hear the in-game sounds on time or, worse yet, can’t communicate with fellow team players, you remain at a disadvantage.

Do you know that most professional Esports players prefer gaming earbuds as opposed to gaming headsets? Well, gaming earbuds are widely popular, and for a good reason. But even so, it’s important to remember that no two gamers are the same: they all have different requirements and needs when it comes to competitive gaming. Here’s a list of some of the main qualities that you must consider when choosing the best gaming earbuds for yourself.

A better handle at in-game communication will give you a competitive advantage against your opposition and help you reflect your gaming skills through teamwork. Learn which qualities matter the most when it comes to choosing the best gaming earbuds.

Qualities of the Best Gaming Earbuds

EKSA GT1 earbuds

You should know that thousands of gamers and professional earbuds users prefer to go wireless. Yes, that’s right! Nearly everyone in the market today is looking for the best wireless earbuds. For one, if you’re going through tons of earbud brands and companies, make sure you check out EKSA GT1 because these are some of the best wireless earbuds under $50.

· Wireless or Wired

The very first distinction between the worst and the best gaming earbuds is the wire connection. For starters, you must know that most pro players prefer to sit wireless when playing from their humble abode. This is a fact that dodging bullets in the game as a wire dangles from your headset can be a distraction. It’s not uncommon for gamers to get annoyed at their equipment for hindering their gameplay. Although some people still prefer wired earphones, most users prefer are shifting to wireless earbuds for a comfortable gaming session.

Having a wire attached to the gaming mainframe increases the risk of breaking the wire off with sudden movements. You may have acquainted yourself with sudden movements (flicks) if you enjoy playing first-person shooter games. Games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2, Call of Duty, and others require you to react instantaneously. Hence, a wired headset or earphones might restrict your movement, especially if you want to grab a quick drink during a short break.

· Ultra-Low Latency

You must know that latency plays a critical role in your listening and viewing experience since the lag between what you see on your screen and when you hear it is the decision time. You may see an enemy player arrive on the game map well after reaching close to you. Why did you hear the in-game footsteps late? Probably because your earbuds have a high latency! For wired headsets and earbuds, there’s no transmitting, encoding, or decoding, which enables a nearly lag-free audio playback for gamers

That’s one of the main reasons some pro players don’t take chances, even with the top wireless earbuds. However, when you’re willing to sit back and enjoy the game with your mates, you require free movement. But that can have an impact on Bluetooth or other technology-featuring earbuds. The Bluetooth range can alter the time it takes for you to hear in-game sounds that you see on-screen.

In this scenario, EKSA GT1 can solve your issues. What makes GT1 good wireless earbuds? Latency as low as 38ms with an impeccable wireless range while featuring Bluetooth 5.0, these are also some of the best earbuds for phone calls. In simple words, with good wireless earbuds, you won’t hear distorted sounds or experience out-of-sync audio against the images that you see on your screen.

· Comfortable In-Ear Fit

This is one of the main things to look out for because you can’t enjoy long gaming sessions with your friends if you’re not wearing the most comfortable earbuds. While best-sounding wireless earbuds are important, they must have a comfortable in-ear fitting to let you experience gaming to the best. There are various noise-canceling wireless earbuds in the market. However, none match the enhanced noise isolation ability of EKSA GT1. They have foam ear tips that comfortably sit into your ear and help you cancel external sounds to an enhanced level.

For beginners, there’s also a customizable range of ear tips to choose from. The brand ensures specific quality detail in its products because numerous companies fail to acknowledge users’ comfort. The ear tips should allow you to keep the earbuds in without worrying about ear fatigue or headaches. Moreover, with properly-fitted ear tips, you can enjoy the bass and stereo sound performance through EKSA GT1’s music mode. The fit makes GT1 one of the best noise-canceling wireless earbuds in the gaming accessories market.

· Multi-Function Touch Controls- Mode Switching

EKSA GT1 gaming earbuds

Do you like to head over to the gym for a workout after an enjoyable gaming session? If so, your noise-canceling wireless earbuds should allow you to switch from game-specific playback settings to music easily. If you currently have trouble doing so with your wireless gaming earbuds, EKSA GT1 can be a lifesaver. Press the earbuds right behind the earbud tips for two seconds straight, and just like that, you will enter music mode. Interestingly, the best cheap earbuds for small ears from EKSA are brilliant with android devices as well. Having 5.0 Bluetooth earbuds for android along with ultra-low latency ensures high-quality music playback as well.

In your search for the right wireless gaming earbuds in the market, you should make sure to choose earbuds that aren’t difficult to use. Having to take out the user manual every time you wish to switch from game to music mode or answer/reject any incoming calls can negatively affect your experience. Surprisingly, EKSA GT1 is also one of the best earbuds for phone calls when it comes to casual usage.

· Battery Life and Other Features

What happens when the battery of your gaming earbuds runs out during a high-stakes competitive or even professional match? It’s very likely that you’ll feel super frustrated, and it might even send your team into a frenzy since you can’t handle most games being handicapped without sound. So whether you choose expensive or cheap earbuds, make sure they have suitable battery life. This way, they’re well-suited to your hours-long gaming sessions.

EKSA GT1 offers relief in that case because the extremely convenient Cobra-design gaming earbuds case can hold up to 36 hours of charging time. Not to mention, these earbuds can run for 6 hours non-stop at max. Lengthy gaming sessions can make you thirsty, right? If you accidentally spill some drink onto your earbuds in a rush, you don’t have to worry because EKSA GT1 are waterproof wireless earbuds.

· Compatible Earbuds Case Design

When purchasing gaming earbuds, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you can wear them properly. For one, if you can’t keep your gaming earbuds with you when you need them, it can pose a serious disadvantage to your gaming experience. Similarly, EKSA has developed a cobra-head earbuds case design that appeals to gamers. Most users marvel at the ability to find the earbuds case in the dark since it has a shiny exterior with noticeable lighting. The case features magnetic attachments that hold the earbuds in place for as long as you wish.

The gaming earbuds automatically switch on and pair automatically with your gaming workstation when you pull them out of the earbuds case. They also power off when you place them back in the earbuds case. The case design features charging levels as light bars showing different percentage bars, so you know when you need a quick charge before taking the case and earbuds away for a quick play.



EKSA GT1 gaming earbuds

Now that you have jotted down all the main qualities to look for in the right gaming earbuds, you need to ensure that your search doesn’t end empty-handed. You can read the best cheap earbuds review online and compare thousands of online earbud products before coming across the right one for you. Or, you can try out the best wireless earbuds under 50 with EKSA GT1. Every earbuds review on the site of EKSA GT1 praises its performance, with zero complaints about sound quality, design, control, or any other aspect.

From ultra-low latency to excellent sound playback performance, the EKSA GT1 offers gamers the best of audio technology. Make sure to check out the latest upgrades and updates on the EKSA product page because this brand is bent on producing some of the most loved and popular gaming headsets. 


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