The Best Budget Gaming Mice for Optimal Gaming Experience

Finding the best budget gaming mouse is often like finding a needle in a haystack. You would have to go through various options to choose the one that sits well with your hand position. Nevertheless, the EKSA EM600 and EKSA EM200 RGB wired gaming mouse can resolve your problems.

Both of these mice offer you distinctive features that help you throughout your game. Regardless of your budget, you can choose any one of the mice to get complete satisfaction. Let's go over the features that the cheap gaming mouse offers.

Features of EKSA EM600 RGB Advanced Wired Gaming Mouse

The EM600 is the top winner of the Red Dot design award 2022. Let's go over the exceptional features that you can get from this best-wired gaming mouse.

EKSA EM600 RGB Advanced Wired Gaming Mouse

Design & Weight

One of the best things about the EKSA EM600 is the amazing design and the lightweight structure. The sleek design makes it easy for you to adjust your hand position, making it the best ergonomic gaming mouse for PC.

Moreover, the EKSA EM600 weighs only 90g, enabling gamers to rotate their mouse around quickly. The combination of the mouse's ergonomic shape and its lightweight offers you complete comfort and grip for your palms. It ensures you can enjoy your game without putting too much stress on the palm, wrist, or fingers.

Programmable Buttons

The programmable buttons are another great feature that makes the EKSA EM600 the best pc gaming mouse. You can enjoy multiple functionalities through the extended controls. The programmable gaming mouse gives you ample choice of shortcuts and secondary functions to get better control in the game.

You can program the mouse buttons using the EKSA driver software, available for download on the EKSA official website. A vital point to note is that the mouse with the side buttons program is not available on the macOS system. Below are the programmable buttons you can find in EKSA

  • Backward Button
  • DPI-
  • DPI+
  • Fire Button
  • Forward Button
  • LED Light Button
  • Left Click
  • Right Click
  • Scroll Wheel
Sensor Accurateness

The EKSA EM600 comes with an advanced, powerful 12,000 DPI optical sensor that gives you complete accuracy. Games that involve shooting require accuracy to aim at the target. That is where this pc gaming mouse can do wonders for gamers.

You can also get the ability to go from 500 to 6000 DPI with a click to use your mouse precisely. It makes shooting your enemies in different shooting games, such as MOBA, FPS, etc., much easier. The sniper button makes the EKSA EM600 the best FPS mouse.

Personalized RGB Lighting

If you are looking for an RGB gaming mouse, then the ESKA EM600 is the right choice. You can enjoy 12 various lighting modes that you pick from depending on your personality.

You can choose any one depending on your personality or the game's design to get a better feel. If you enjoy it in a simple setting, you can select the lights out option. You can create a custom gaming mouse by adjusting the:

  • Brightness
  • Color
  • Color display length
  • Frequency
Better Control

The EKSA EM600 optical gaming mouse allows you to have a robust side grip even with sweaty palms. The side grip offers great friction to get a better grip on the mouse in an intense gaming situation.

Also, you can get the drag-free control to get carryout quicker swipes with an enhanced grip. These features are just the few that make the EKSA EM600 the best cheap gaming mouse.

Features of the EKSA EM200 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

Now that you are aware of the features of EM600, then let's go over the specification of another good cheap gaming mouse.

EKSA EM200 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

Programmable Buttons

Like the EM600, you can get seven programmable buttons in the EKSA EM200 RGB wired gaming mouse. You can assign the primary or secondary functions to these buttons as per your needs. As a result, you can enjoy far greater control and efficiency for your gaming needs.

The best part is that EKSA EM600 is compatible with all the Windows OS. It also comes with a durability of more than 80 million clicks, making it one of the best budget gaming mice.


The best thing about the EKSA EM200 is that it gives you two distinctive styles to choose from in a single mouse. You can get two different back covers to enjoy a white gaming mouse or a black one as per your preference.

There are also various RGB modes that you can get, including millions of color combinations with preset profiles. You can choose anyone to blend the mouse into the gaming atmosphere.

Weight System

The weight system that comes with the EKSA EM200 makes it one of the most optimal choices for budget gaming mice. You can arrange around six removable weights of approximately 3grams inside the gaming mouse.

As a result, it can help you get a customer weight and balance tuning for your mouse. You can use it to get a better grip and control as per your preference. The mouse weight can be adjusted anywhere from 91.8g to 108g, so you can get a good grasp over it.

Additional Features

Besides the above features, you can also find the following in EKSA EM600;

DPI Resolution:
  • 500
  • 1000
  • 2000
  • 3000
  • 4000
  • 6000
  • 12000
Support System:
  • MAC
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
Connector: USB
IPS: 60inch/s
Acceleration: 20G


Wrapping Up

Choosing the best gaming mouse can make your experience much better since you will have more control throughout the game session. The EM600 and the EM200 are the best Fortnite mice you can have to get an immersive control.

Both these mice offer you exceptional features, such as 12,000 DPI and more. The best part is that you can get these mice at a reasonable price without putting a lot of financial burden on you. So, try out these amazing mice and enjoy a whole new level of gaming.


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