The Best Budget-Friendly Gaming Headset That Most Gamers Don'T Know About

What gaming headset should I buy?

There are numerous amazing best gaming headsets available on the market at a variety of prices. Choosing a good gaming headset, on the other hand, is a difficult task. You've probably been doing a lot of research on the best cheap gaming headphones available. EKSA, for example, makes some pretty impressive gaming headsets, and their new E910 wireless gaming headsets ($ 89.99) appear to be a great option for gamers or regular headphone users. The EKSA E910 wireless gaming headset is reviewed here.



  • 5.8GHz USB Wireless Connection
  • Zero Tangible Latency
  • Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Environment Noise Cancelling(ENC)
  • One-key Switch Sound Mode
  • Retractable Unidirectional Microphone


Design and build

EKSA has done a good job designing these headphones. The all-black body, along with the red lighting that lights up when you turn them on, and the hint of red inside the earbuds, combine very well, giving you the best Pc gaming headset feeling without overdoing the color.


The E910s have a plastic construction, but it doesn't feel brittle or cheap. That's great if you tend to drop your headphones a lot for the times when you are faced with hackers in a CoD lobby and want to throw your ps4 wireless headphones at them.


There is a noise-canceling unidirectional mic built into these headphones. These headphones have a built-in noise-canceling mic that can be taken out of the left earbud when needed and put back inside. The microphone boom is not made of plastic; instead, it is an arm that is easily bendable.


Sound Quality

The EKSA E910 are not monitoring headphones, so if you expect a balanced output, you are wrong. The wireless Headsets emphasize the bass a lot, which is great for EDM music, but not so much in genres like classic rock and metal.


Gaming experience

For games, the sound quality may seem adequate. For an even better gaming experience, the E910s headset with a mic also supports software-enabled 7.1 surround audio. Honestly, this is a feature only available on Windows, making it one of the best wireless pc headsets with a mic. If you're good at using sound cues to gather information about your enemies' locations and to pre-shoot corners in your favorite games, the E910's surround sound can make it a lot easier for you.


To turn on the headphones, press the power button for 2 to 3 seconds and to turn them off, press the power button for the same amount of time.

To briefly activate or deactivate surround sound while gaming To begin, press the power button.


In addition, you can even customize the surround sound from the EKSA application to configure it according to your preferences.


In terms of latency, EKSA's assertion of non-tangible latency appears to be accurate. According to the company's claims, the headphones have a latency of less than 15ms.


Battery Duration

When it comes to wireless headset devices, battery life is also often a primary concern. Sure, you want great sound quality from your gaming headphones, but if the battery life is abysmal, it's a practically useless device, right?


The EKSA E910 wireless gaming headset is solid on that front. The company claims the battery lasts for 10 hours on a charge. For charging, the earbuds have a Type-C port on the left earbud. Included charging cable that charges the headset in around 4 hours.



As previously stated, the headphones connect to your PC, Mac, PS4, Nintendo, Xbox, or whatever device you're connecting with through a 5.8GHz network, which is a crucial function that most headphones in this price range do not provide.


It is also quite simple to connect them. Simply insert the receiver into the USB port on your PC and turn on the headphones. They connect at lightning speed and require no user intervention, which is fantastic. It truly is a plug-and-play experience.


The receiver dongle also has an AUX connector, which is one of the more inventive ways I've seen a company employ to make their headphones compatible with devices that would otherwise be incompatible.


Simply insert the dongle into any powered USB port and connect the AUX cable to the dongle and the AUX output of any device, and you're done. That device's audio will now be streamed to your headphones. This is pretty impressive, and, surprisingly, most other firms do not include a function like this.


Pros and cons


  • 8GHz connectivity Configurable
  • 1 virtual surround sound
  • Nearly unnoticeable latency (~ 15ms)
  • Affordable Rugged construction



  • Battery life is not the best in its class
  • Sound quality leaves a lot to be desired when listening to music
  • Virtual surround sound is only available on Windows


This is one of the best budget gaming headsets, and it can be considered among the best gaming headsets in 2021. You can acquire your EKSA headset by clicking here


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