How to Connect the E910 Gaming Headset to PC?

How to Connect the E910 Gaming Headset to PC?

Gamers can easily get a good gaming headset on the market. However, EKSA has become a household name with an array of affordable gadgets, including good gaming headsets for game lovers. The EKSA (E910) gaming headset is undoubtedly the best pc gaming headset you will find around. The gaming headset is the latest from the brand, and it has some unique features – including the zero-latency – that make the wireless pc headset with mic outstanding.


The EKSA E910 Gaming Headset Main Features:

● 5.8GHz USB Wireless Connection

● Zero Tangible Latency

● Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound

● ENC Call Noise Cancelling

● One-key Switch Sound Mode

● Retractable Unidirectional Microphone


How to Connect the E910 Gaming Headset to PC?

eksa e910

As a game lover, getting a good wireless gaming headset can be effortless, especially if you opt for the E910 gaming headset. But, sometimes, connecting the headset to computers can be tricky and quite challenging for PC gamers. If you belong in this category, do not worry. We will highlight the steps you need to follow when connecting the E910 gaming headset with mic to your PC.


1. Find Your PC’s USB Port

The E910 gaming headset comes with a 5.8GHz USB wireless connection, so the first thing to do is locate the USB port on your Windows laptop or desktop computers, as well as Mac PCs. These days, PCs tend to have the USB 3.0 port, which is built for quick transfers. It would help if you located the same on your computer. However, if this is unavailable or faulty, you may proceed to use any other USB port available.


2. Insert the Headset Connector into the USB Port

Once you have your port ready, insert the pre-paired 5.8GHz dongle into the port and turn on the wireless headset from the switch. After the headset is turned on, an automatic connection is initiated by the PC.


3. Adjust Sound Output to Your Taste

    Usually, once the gaming headset is connected to the PC, there might not be a need to do any additional sound checks or configuration because you will hear the sound of your game or music instantly. But in a case where you do not get any sound from the headset after it is connected to your PC, you will need an easy manual configuration. Open Sound Settings > Select Output Settings > Select Headset as Output Device. After doing this, play some music, and if you have selected the connected E910 device as the sound output device, you should hear the music playing through the headset.


    4. Do a Microphone Check

    The EKSA E910 is a computer headset with mic that helps you communicate during games. After adjusting the sound output settings (if applicable), you should check if the microphone is also working perfectly. Ideally, this should also be automatically activated, just like the headset. But in a case where it doesn’t work after a successful connection, go through the previous step again. Open Sound Control Panel > Select Recording Tab > Select Headphone Mic as Input Device > Select ‘Levels’ and configure the headset mic levels to your preference. Once this is done, your mic should now work perfectly.


    5. Install 7.1 Surround Sound Driver to Customize the Music Mode and 7.1 Mode for Your Preferred Style (Optional)

    Step 1: Download 7.1 surround sound driver from here. Find and click the corresponding driver link, download it on your computer.

    Step 2: Unzip and install it. Click next.

    Step 3: Create a desktop shortcut for the 7.1 software, tick and click Next to install.

    Step 4: After installing, you can see a 7.1 software shortcut on your computer desktop.

    Step 5: Double-click to open your 7.1 surround sound software. There are 3 modes available-including stereo sound mode for music, 7.1 surround sound mode for gaming and ENC microphone switch mode. 


    Final Thoughts

    Now that you are all set for an exciting gaming experience with one of the best gaming headphones around, you automatically have an edge over your rivals who rely on the in-built speakers of their PCs. You can also contact us for more information or help with setting up your device. Once connected, your E910 gaming headset is poised for your next challenge, and you are ready to squash your enemies!


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