How to Choose the Right Mouse for You?

Since the birth of the graphical interface, the mouse has been one of the most significant computer accessories. Alternatives to the mouse's efficiency in handling on-screen things have just been lately developed. Even at that, those alternatives like touch screens, pens, and voice commands, are usually used to support instead of replacing the mouse.

There are a lot of functions dedicated to a mouse, and the one that came with your new computer may limit this experience. Apart from limiting users’ experience, your PC mouse may get spoilt, and you will need to replace it. So, this article will point you in the right direction as you look forward to choosing the right mouse. Also, you will find the top best gaming mice in this article. Keep reading to find out which mouse made the list.

Wireless or Wired Mouse

When it comes to choosing a mouse, deciding whether you want a wired or wireless mouse is the first thing to think about. Let's say that you are not a big fan of plugging in your mouse; you can decide to go wireless and have total movement freedom as long as you stay within wireless range.

The Difference Between a Wired and Wireless Mouse

Whether wired or wireless, a mouse will most likely do the same thing, but some major differences can help you decide which mouse to buy. These differences include:

Reliability and Speed

Due to the fact that wireless devices send information wirelessly, they are by nature slower than wired devices. For gamers, this latency is extremely significant. Because wired mice don't have as many lags as wireless ones, a gamer might prefer a wired gaming mouse to a wireless one.

Additionally, interference from surrounding elements might cause wireless mouse movements to be choppy or even render the mouse inoperable until the issue is resolved. So, if your game requires accuracy, a wired mouse should be non-negotiable.


A wired gaming mouse is less efficient than a wireless gaming mouse. With a lightweight wireless mouse, nothing gets hooked in your bag or pulled over your desk. As a result, wireless gaming mice are convenient for travel. If you use a monitor as a TV, your mouse can function as a remote, so you can operate your TV from your couch.

This makes gaming or operating your TV set easier; unfortunately, this may not be possible if you use a wired mouse. So, a wireless mouse should be in your cart if you prioritize convenience.


Because of the design and convenience, wired mice are usually less expensive than a wireless mice. Although the price gap may be small, you will hardly find a wired and wireless mouse of the same brand at the same price. So, if the price is a major consideration, you should buy a wired mouse.

Here is a broader view of the difference between a wired mouse and a wireless mouse.

Wired Mouse

Wireless Mouse

Mouse expensive

Less expensive than wired

Faster than wireless

Not as fast as wired

More versatile

Less versatile

Need batteries

No need for batteries

More convenient

Less convenient


Gaming or Normal Use

You should think about how you will use your mouse when deciding whether to go wireless or wired. If you are planning to use your mice for gaming, you may have to include speed in your list of critical qualities to be considered.

Latency is a critical performance concern in gaming, as you will want to have the lowest possible latency. In today's fast-paced first-person shooter games, latency can be a death sentence. You do not want to slip behind your opponents, and latency might help you stay ahead by making you a little quicker on the trigger. Let’s take a look at EKSA’s gaming mice:

That being said, here are features to help you choose the best mouse:


Sensitivity is another thing to consider when buying a mouse, especially if you are a gamer. It is usually described as dots per inch (DPI). The lower the distance the mouse must move on a surface to detect movement, the higher the DPI. Some users like high sensitivity, which allows them to move efficiently across a screen with fewer hand movements. In contrast, others enjoy making bigger gestures that have less impact on the screen.

As a result, some mice, like EM600, allow you to change the DPI from as low as 500 DPI to as high as 5,000 DPI. This flexibility allows gamers to tailor their gaming experience to each game and even various in-game scenarios.

Some mice sensitivity and buttons are built for some games. Some mice even come with an app that helps optimize the game, and some mice for gaming allow physical adjustments like shifting the palm rest position and customizing button responsiveness.

Sensitivity is essential for anyone who utilizes software that needs exact movements. Some of this software includes computer-aided design (CAD), 3D rendering software, and photo editors. 

Choosing a mouse will be considerably easier if you are not a gamer. You can concentrate on features like ergonomics, size, and non-gaming functions. 


Sensors help the mouse track movement on the pad, and they can either be optical or laser. Optical mice function well with non-glossy surfaces like cloth mouse pads. Laser mice, on the other hand, are more accurate and function on a wider range of surfaces. Although laser mice are more costly, they are not usually the finest option. 

While laser mice are more responsive, they produce more noise and may create more tracking errors. Secondly, they operate at a greater distance above a surface. So if you pick them up and slide them on a mouse pad, they are more likely to record the motion. 

A gamer will likely enjoy a laser mouse more because it can work perfectly on many surfaces. If you are not a gamer, it is better to always go for optical mice.

Physical Design

Mice are available in various sizes and designs, from portable ones to big models with better functions and usability. The best mouse for you depends on the following features:

Size and Grip

Mice designed for portability are often smaller, whereas mice designed for desk use are typically bigger. Which is best for you depends on your hand size; people with small hands should buy smaller mice simply because of their smaller dimensions.

Buying a gaming mice that’s fit your hand means that you will have a better grip and you can easily control your movements. Check out which mouse won’t strain your hand if you grip it for long and add it to your cart.


Ergonomics mice are built to minimize wrist and hand pain. They tend to fit the user’s hand, making them keep their hands, wrists, and fingers at positions that allow comfortable long-time mouse usage. 


Wired mice weigh between 80 and 100 grams; however, this number may vary when it comes to fancy mice. Wireless mice, for example, are usually heavier because of the added batteries. If you would work for a longer time, ensure to buy light-wired mice like EM600. On the other hand, if you are a gamer and want a light mouse, choose EM200.

Other Features

The features mentioned above are the basic ones. Now, let’s check other ones, even if they are not usually compulsory:

Dials and Buttons

Most gaming mice have only the right and left buttons. The left button is usually used to choose, while the right button brings out the menus. Then, there are mice with more advanced features like additional buttons at the top and sides for specific functions. In most cases, these mice come with software to customize the buttons.


Lighting provides a touch of whimsy to game systems and offers additional feedback. Mice that have lightning usually have software to help customize the light to match the games or feedback.

What to Know When Buying a Mouse

Focus on the Basic

Mice with plenty of buttons and flashy lighting are fine, but these should not be important when buying a mouse. Before you get too excited about the accessories, ensure that your mice have a nice weight balance and operate well. 

Expensive does not Always Mean Better

Many think budget-friendly mice are not good, but this notion is wrong. Some budget-friendly mice like EM100 even work better than many expensive mice.

EKSA 4 Classic Mouses

1. EKSA EM600 RGB Gaming Mouse

best gaming mice EKSA EM600

The EKSA EM600 is an advanced wired gaming mouse with durable switches. This mouse has an ergonomic shape that ensures a user’s excellent grip. With this, you can play for hours without feeling palm stress. Apart from this, EM600 is light, have high precision, anti-slip side grips, 8 programmable buttons, and 12 different lights, so you can enjoy gaming feedback.

  • Powerful 12,000 DPI optical sensor
  • 12 customizable backlit
  • Maximum accuracy
2. EKSA EM500 Lightweight Gaming House

gaming mouce

This mouse is the perfect mice for gaming every gamer should get. The EKSA EM500 is super light than most mice on the market. It also has 7 adjustable DPI from 800 to 12,400, so you can enjoy an excellent sensor. Apart from that, this mouse is also durable, widely compatible, and ergonomic fit.

  • Customizable RGB and Flexible buttons
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Durable quality
3. EKSA EM100 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

best budget gaming mouce

If you need wired gaming mice, EKSA EM100 should be your buy. This mouse has broad compatibility, ergonomic design, beautiful RGB backlight, and flexible buttons. It is built with gamers in mind. So, feel free to add it to your cart.

  • & flexible buttons
  • 6 adjustable DPI
  • 6 Adjustable RGB backlight
  • Easy operation
4. EKSA EM200 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

the best gaming mice

This is another gaming mouse on our list. Apart from being a gaming mouse, the EKSA EM200 works well for people who want to do other things besides gaming. With 12,000 DPI, this mouse's accuracy in tracking movement is top-notch. You can also use it for a longer time because of its ergonomic design and lightweight.

  • Comes with 2 removable magnetic cover
  • 6 adjustable DPI settings
  • 7 customizable buttons
  • Comfortable use


Although both wireless and wired computer mice often offer the same functions, several vital distinctions make these gadgets unique. Think about what you'll use your computer for as well as your own preferences when choosing between a wireless and wired mouse.

If you like gaming, if you need speed and precision, while enjoying high cost performance and high comfort, then EKSA's gaming mouse is definitely the best choice for you.


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