How Important Is It to Have a Gaming Headset? The Ultimate Buying Guide

What is a Gaming Headset?

Gaming headsets are electronic devices or appliances designed to deliver top-quality audio and virtual Surround sound to the ears. They often come in different types, mostly wired or wireless headsets. These headsets also sometimes come with a retractable microphone known for aiding communication.

A gaming headset often shares certain similarities with a regular headset; however, there are some differences. First, a gaming headset has more features (even advanced) than regular ones. Secondly, this type of headset is a perfect choice for gamers, and the connectivity to a wide range of devices, such as PC, Xbox, etc., is incredible.

Why Do You Need a Headset?

EKSA® E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming Headset

Sometimes, people ask: is gaming headphone really necessary? Well, the truth is: you may never know you need something until you try it out. If you are a gamer, a good gaming headset PC is one of your must-haves because it will make you hear superior quality sounds and enhance communication and boost your arsenal.

A headset blocks noise and makes sure you are focused on your game. Although these headphones may differ from one another depending on the manufacturer or the inbuilt features – for instance, you could have standard audio or a high-definition audio headset. Various manufacturers have incorporated different technology into producing entertainment headsets, which is a good reason why there are variations in quality.

Without a doubt, it is always important to go for the best brands/manufacturers in the business.

How to Choose a Good Gaming Headset?

Getting the best PC gaming headset isn’t always easy compared to regular headphones. You may need to consider some factors. Listed below are some of the factors that would help you choose a good PC headset.

Comfort – Wired or Wireless?

A PC gaming headset often comes significantly in two types – Wired or Wireless. The headset connection has a role to play in enhancing immersive gaming experience, and not choosing the best has consequences on your comfort.

A wireless gaming headset runs on wireless technology, ensuring connectivity is attained via Bluetooth or Radio Frequency (RF) signal. They are the most comfortable headsets because they guarantee top-notch mobility. However, their limitations are around their battery and charging potential, subpar sound quality, interference, and signal loss. At the same time, a wireless PC headset is often expensive.

On the other hand, a wired gaming headset is quite the alternative to a wireless headset. A simple-function cable aids the connection, and these headsets do not need an external power source to work effectively. However, the cons of a wired pc headset are the restricted movement because of the cable’s length and the risk of cable damage. Nevertheless, they are cheaper and offer great sound quality.


Whether a PC gaming headset is wired or wireless, there is something important that each of them should have – a microphone feature. In fact, it is a feature that tells a gaming headphone apart from a regular audio headphone.

A PC gaming headset with mic is always a great option because it would facilitate easy communication with other gamers via Discord or Console Voice Chat. The unfortunate thing about these mics is that they have low power due to their connection. However, it could be managed from the PC settings.

That being said, call quality depends on PC microphone headset, so getting the best offer out there is important. More so, they mostly come retractable or removable.

Sound Quality

Whether you go for a wired or wireless microphone headset, you need to consider sound quality to enjoy gaming successfully. Gaming headsets are mostly known for delivering good quality audio and virtual surround sound, which regular headphones are not capable of. The reason is that gaming consoles such as Windows and Xbox utilize a built-in spatial audio technology/engine that needs a special type of headset to deliver good sound quality. At this point, gaming headsets come to the rescue.

Design and Material Quality

Another important factor to consider when choosing the best PC headset for gaming is design and material quality. Ideally, headsets are made out of materials responsible for durability and ease of use. However, gaming headsets are mostly made out of cheap plastic for a sturdy yet lightweight feel. This material quality also allows for easy movement and can easily alert a gamer if it runs the risk of snapping – it makes a creaking sound.

As for the design, good PC gaming headsets take the shape of the head and provide little extensions to fit into various head shapes.

Isolation Matters

Still, on sound quality, another consequential factor to consider when selecting a PC gaming headphone is the Isolation Matters. Generally, headphones are designed to isolate sounds, ensuring that what you only hear is being played. That is why many headphones today are improved with noise-canceling technology to block underground noise and ensure that the output is 100% clear. It would be nice choosing headsets with that kind of technology.

Other (Advanced) Features

Apart from the obvious, other factors you should look out for to successfully pick out a good PC headset include in-line cable controls, USB port, advanced hardware and audio features, earmuffs, mute button, etc.

The 3 Best Cheap Gaming Headsets to Consider

Are you looking for a cheap gaming headset? It would be best if you followed this review that suggests the best options on the market. Find the best cheap gaming headset for you below.

E900 Wired Headset

EKSA® E900 Gaming Headset for PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5

EKSA E900 Wired Headset is a gaming headset designed with the latest technology to work perfectly for PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC. It is a multiple-platform compatible device known to produce 3D stereo sound. This wired headphone has all the necessary features to make the gaming experience better and more exciting.

First, the cheap PS4 headset features a well-padded leatherette and adjustable steel arm headband, making it super comfortable to use for long hours. It also has a stable, well-built metal frame, giving it a stylish appearance while ensuring durability and being lightweight.

Furthermore, the Xbox gaming headset has fantastic features that will further ensure ultimate entertainment – alone or with other gamers. For instance, it has a clear-chat detachable noise-canceling microphone that filters background noise and ensures clear output. The headset also has a mute button, replaceable earmuffs, 3.5mm audio cable, 50mm Driver, and PC splitter cable for mic and audio jacks, giving gamers the confidence to play games without stress.

E1000 Wired Headset

EKSA® E1000 RGB USB Gaming Headset for PC, PS4 & PS5

Also, one of the best headsets for PS5, PS4 and PC is the E1000 Wired Headset. It is quite the headphone for devices with a USB interface. This EKSA E1000 Headset, however, is a bit intense, as it produces 7.1 Surround Sound, making it the choice for professional gamers.

This PC headset has a unique build, as it is made of superior-quality material, ensuring durability and convenience. The headphone has an ergonomic design with distinct balanced weight distribution, ensuring all-day comfort. It is also improved in its body quality with cool RGB Gradient LED light around the earcups to set the perfect gaming mood.

Alongside this incredible headset comes some amazing features, such as a protein leather earmuff, Flip-up noise-canceling microphone, and easy-use in-line volume control for easy communication. The E1000 box also comes with a leather carry pouch for storage and a 2.2mm audio cable to establish the connection.

E910 Wireless Headset

 EKSA® E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming Headset

EKSA doesn’t only have wired headsets for gamers; there are wireless options too. The E910 is the best wireless headset for PC, Nintendo Switch, Laptop, TV, Projector, and PS4/PS5. It is a multi-platform compatible device and definitely one of the cheapest options available, designed ergonomically and game-friendly.

This Nintendo switch gaming headset uses a 5.8GHz wireless signal, ensuring stable connection and no interference. This connection puts the headphone at a low latency level of 15ms. It also uses a Bluetooth connection with a 10m/33ft transmission range. Furthermore, it is a wireless USB headset, as it comes with a 5.8G USB Dongle.

It is also a wireless headset with mic – a stretchable one, in fact, with a built-in ENC chipset to filter out environmental noise. The E910 can play with both 7.1 Surround Sound and 3D Stereo Sound, thus, guaranteeing an immersive gaming experience.

Other interesting things about this driver-free best PS5 headset are: it uses a 1200mAh Super Battery; it offers a customized sound style, and; it provides an incredible sound memory function.


EKSA is one of the top-rated brands in the headsets’ business – particularly gaming headphones with advanced features. From this review, if you need a cheap but the best wired gaming headset for Xbox, PC, or PS4/PS5, the E900 and E1000 are fantastic options for you. Likewise, if a wireless gaming headset is all you’ve ever wanted, the E910 is a great option to consider. Just remember to check in with the buying factors first, to be precise with your choice.  


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