5.8GHz Wireless

5.8GHz Wireless

Aiming at the Achilles Heel of 2.4GHz wireless connection, 5.8GHz furthers your ordinary 2.4Ghz gaming experience by creating a lag-free, disruption-free, and high-speed wireless gaming environment. With it, you won’t have any problem going to-and-fro and enjoy wireless freedom to the max.

  1. Speed

5.8Ghz Wireless can reach up to 1300Mbps while as 2.4Ghz can reach 600 Mbps at best. Imagine 5.8Ghz as someone holding a gun and 2.4 Ghz as someone using a machete. As gunshot moves way faster than the blade, so is 5.8G wireless.

  1. Stable

5.8Ghz is much less congested than 2.4Ghz. As most electronics or mobile devices are using 2.4Ghz network, 5.8Ghz has less interruption. Also, 5.8Ghz has more channels, up to 62 of them actually. Less traffic, more channel this result in a near-zero lag sweet spot for gaming.

  1. Sound

5.8Ghz wireless renders audio uncompressed thanks to its speed and low latency.