How to get the driver for 7.1 surround sound?

E1000 doesn't need driver for 7.1 surround sound because of built-in USB audio sound chip.

Too much background noise, which disturbs my chats.

The effect of noice cancellation depends on the environment. The microphone will absorb and deliver the noise if in much too noisy environments.

Every time I plug the headset to my laptop, "USB device not recognized" appears.

a. Please try to test the headset on other devices.

b. Please check whether the jack is properly plugged.

c. Please check if there' re any dirt or debris on the audio ports and audio jack.

d. If it still doesn't work after the above troubleshooting, then the USB may be short- circuited inside.

The mic records no sound.

a. Please make sure the mute switch is always off.

b. Please make sure your device is always unmuted.

How to turn off the LED light unless unplug the headset?

The only way to turn the light off is to unplug the headset.