Why Are Gamers Obsessed with Gaming Peripherals with RGB Lights?

The first thing you’ll notice when you see a good gaming setup is the incredible RGB lights. Gamers are now becoming obsessed with the RGB lights, as the community loves the aesthetic appeal that these lights offer while playing their favorite games. Therefore, it is safe to say that RGB lights have become more of a trend in the gaming community.

The trend started when popular gamers started using RGB lights while streaming. From there on, every other gamer is now getting a setup with RGB lights. The RGB lighting also makes it easy for gamers to focus on their game and improves their hand movement, helping them enhance their overall performance. 

So, what does RGB stand for in gaming? Why has the gaming community become so obsessed with it? And how can you set up the perfect RGB gaming setup to enjoy an optimal experience? We will discuss all those things here to give you a better idea about RGB lights. So, without further ado, let's get right into it.

What Are RGB Lights?

The acronym RGB stands for the colors red, green, and blue. The combination of the various intensities of these colors produces a wide range of colors. These colors can make your rig look more appealing.

While many people use RGB lighting in their gaming setups, it can be an exceptional addition to any of the rooms in your home. You can place them in the laundry room to look appealing, or they can also be a great addition to your children's room who can enjoy the LED lights.

Also, if you are working from home, you can add the RGB lights to your home office. You can put the lights around your desktop or the workstation. While you don’t have to set the lights to funky color or a random strobing effect, strategically placing the lights around your table can keep the glare off your monitor and can allow you to focus better. Nevertheless, the most popular use of the RGB lights is when setting up your gaming rig.

What Does RGB Stand for in Gaming?

You can find RGB originally in various output devices with a colored display, like monitors, TVs, etc. But, if you ask a gamer about what RGB is in gaming, they will refer to the decorative RGB lighting in the gaming setup. You can find RGB in various gaming peripherals, including the mouse, headphones, keyboards, etc.

These lights in the devices leverage the RGB color model to give appealing and engaging lighting effects. As a result, it improves the overall look of the gaming setup. Gamers use it to give an intriguing appeal to their setup, giving them a better experience when playing their favorite games.

Apart from the gaming peripherals, gamers can also have LED RGB lighting pads throughout the room. Doing so will allow them to personalize their gaming room following their gaming setup. This way, they can enjoy an aesthetic and appealing vibe in their room.

The RGB gears give you a more immersive feeling while playing the game, which can help you improve your performance. Consider it similar to the workout songs you listen to at the gym for motivation.

The best thing about the RGB lighting effects is that they can help increase your hand speed, allow you to attack your opponents quickly, and gives you immense combat power. These features can help you improve your gaming capabilities and enhance your performance. 

In a nutshell, RGB lights have become fairly common in the gaming community. Most gamers have used gaming peripherals with RGB lighting, making it a popular choice. However, you need to consider a few things when getting RGB lights for your gaming setup. Let's go over them.

Can RGB Lights in Your Room Increase Heat?

Just like everything that draws electricity, RGB LEDs will also generate heat. However, these LEDs only draw minimal electricity compared to other things, so the heat generated won't impact you too much.

What is the Life of RGB lights?

Shockingly, the RBG lights have an impressive life span of around 40 years. Many gamers see this as the main factor, which persuades them to buy RGB lights. However, this can change according to the usage and situation. Generally, RGB lights can last anywhere from 18 to 38 years.

How to Setup Your Gaming Environment?

Setting up the perfect gaming environment means you need to have the perfect RGB lighting setup. This can include the RGB lights on the wall to the gaming peripherals, giving you an aesthetically appealing environment.

While it is not necessary to get everything with RGB lights, there are a few essentials:

  • RGB Gaming Mouse
  • RGB Gaming Headset
  • RGB Gaming Headset Stand

If you want to add more things to this list, such as an RGB keyboard, you can do so as per your preference. The gamers can add as many RGB gaming peripherals as they want. One crucial thing to keep in mind when buying these three gaming peripherals is that you'll find various manufacturers.

You have to choose the best manufacturer that will provide you with RGB peripherals of the best quality with exceptional features. So, to make things easy for you, here is a list of some top gaming peripherals you can find from ESKA.

The features you can get from its gaming mouse, headsets, headsets stand for its price is unmatchable. You can enhance your gaming experience while enjoying the pleasant environment from the RGB lighting.

EM600 RGB Advanced Wired Gaming Mouse

The EM600 RGB Advanced Wired Gaming Mouse is the best peripheral from ESKA you need to have in your setup. Its sleek design and glows due to the RGB lighting will help you create an engaging environment. The best part is that this RGB gaming mouse is available at budget-friendly pricing.

On top of that, the EM600 RGB Advanced Wired Gaming Mouse comes with a customizable RGB lighting option. You can choose the best lighting mode according to your preference and get an immersive gaming experience. The mouse has 12 different lighting modes that you can pick, depending on the mood you want to set.

The RGB lighting in the EM600 RGB Advanced Wired Gaming Mouse helps you to focus on your hand movement. Also, the RGB backlight in the mouse can help you increase your attention on the game, improving the overall performance. 

EKSA Gamer Lux EM600 RGB Advanced Wired Gaming Mouse

EKSA E1000 RGB USB Gaming Headset

The headset is also crucial for gaming, and you need to have the best one to focus on your opponent's strategy. Therefore, the EKSA E1000 RGB USB Gaming Headset is the best headset to have by your side. You can enjoy an optimal gaming experience with its flip-up noise-canceling microphone.

The RGB gradient lights make it an incredible addition to your gaming setup and can improve your room's overall aesthetics. The most notable feature is its all-day comfort ergonomic design that helps you keep this headset on for an extended period.

Moreover, the RGB gradient lights can fit well with the other RGB gaming peripherals, giving your room an aesthetic look. So, if you are looking for an optimal RGB gaming headset, then the EKSA E1000 RGB USB Gaming Headset is the right choice for you.

EKSA E1000 RGB USB Gaming Headset

EKSA W1 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound RGB Headset Stand

Headphones are a critical component of your gaming setup, and you don't want to leave them lying around. Not only will it look untidy, but you will also have to spend a lot of time untangling your headphones from all the wires. Therefore, what you need is a headset stand for your RGB headphones.

That is where the EKSA W1 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound RGB Headset Stand comes into play. It can be a great addition to your gaming setup since you can have another device with RGB lighting. So, if you’re looking for the best RGB gaming headset stand, then the EKSA W1 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound RGB Headset Stand is easily a top contender.

The four RGB lighting modes in the EKSA W1 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound RGB Headset Stand allow you to create an immersive gaming environment. You can choose any one of them, depending on the game you are playing. The best part is that you can do it with a simple touch due to its exceptional finger-touch control.  

EKSA W1 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound RGB Headset Stand

Final Word

RGB gaming peripherals are a great addition to your gaming setup. You can enjoy an optimal experience when playing your favorite games in an aesthetically appealing environment. While it is something you don't necessarily have to get in your gaming setup, most people prefer having peripherals with RGB.

You can play with the usual setup if you don't prefer having a gaming setup with RGB gaming peripherals. Also, most believe that the RGB affects your machine's performance. That is not the case since the RGB doesn’t pull power from the CPU or GPU.

So if you are looking for an RGB gaming mouse or an RGB gaming headset, then you should visit the ESKA website. You can find a wide range of RGB gaming peripherals that can help you improve your gaming experience.


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