What Is Dual-Mic And ENC? Why You Should Buy EKSA E900 Plus Noise Cancelling Headset?

Gaming headsets for pc are perfect for enhancing the gaming experience. It offers a practical and handy solution to other audio needs as well. But, like any other technological device, mac gaming headsets come in many options. That said, you should not pick any headset with mic from the market without research. Since gamers spend hours playing games with only small breaks, choosing the right xbox gaming headset becomes essential for various reasons, including comfort, weight, and surround sound. However, there is more that you should include in the checklist. Let’s understand two important features that you should consider while choosing a gaming headset.


What is ENC?

ENC or Environmental Noise Cancellation works through electronic processing and evaluates ambient sound, and generates opposite sound. As a result, the noise and distortion is significantly lower. Ocean waves have two different parts. The higher part is the crest, and the lower part is the trough. Combining the height of the crest and the depth of the trough, you’ll get the flat sea. Mathematically, when you add +1 with -1, the result would be 0. The same concept applies to Environmental Noise Cancellation technology. The only difference is that these wired gaming headsets use sound waves.

A dual-mic noise cancellation algorithm activates the ENC mechanism and clears the sound improving communications in the noise canceling headset. ENC technology can reduce up to 35dB ambient noise and suppress 90% of the negative environmental noise. This indicates that the ENC chip embedded with an Omnidirectional mic calculates the sound source’s position and removes all other noise in the environment. The only sound that it protects is from the main object. As a result, gamers can freely communicate with their teammates without distractions.


Why Dual-Mic?

Dual-Mic with ENC algorithm clears environmental distortion in every direction and enhances the source’s sound. This helps gamers communicate with their teammates without the need to repeat every instruction. Furthermore, with better and improved sound quality you don’t have to turn the volume all the way to the top to listen to your friends. Traditional headphones don’t offer such quality. In fact, these headphones exert pressure on your ears, making you will feel exhausted. Therefore, to stop being the guy who sounds who’s in a wind tunnel, you need to purchase a gaming headset with mic such as the EKSA E900 Plus.

Compared to other gaming headsets PS4, EKSA E900 Plus is exceptional because it contains ENC technology with Dual-Mic. This noise cancelling gaming headset offers complete comfort with its detachable microphone and self-adjustable headband. Other features such as mic mute control button, virtual surround sound, red LED light to give you comfort as well as a high quality sound experience. Here are some benefits of EKSA E900 Plus:

1. All in One Headset

Traditional PS5 headphones for gaming are popular for their sleek design and looks. However, gamers require high-quality gaming headset with best mic as well as lustrous design because of increasing competitions. EKSA E900 Plus is different due to technical features such as environmental noise cancellation with dual-mic. Besides quality sound, this noise cancelling headphones offers several other features suitable for your gaming needs.

eksa E900 PLUS

2. Convenient and Adaptable

Manufacturers designing original gaming headphones such as EKSA E900 Plus don’t build them for casual use. Even though these noise cancelling headset with mic are less fashionable than traditional pc gaming headset with mic they offer convenience and adaptability. Features such as a self-adjustable headband and protein leather memory foam earmuffs make it a unique option for gamers. Wearing these headsets, gamers can play for hours without stressing their ears.


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