Types of Noise Cancellation Technologies – How to Select the Best Environmental Noise-Cancelling Headset

EKSA is doing its best to provide user-friendly and comfortable products to its users in this competitive world. EKSA offers the best headsets that you can find easily in the market at an affordable rate.

To keep up with the fast technology world, EKSA keeps updating its products from time. Here is an example of what modern technology it uses in its products. It offers active and environmental noise cancellation technology in some of its headsets.

Types of Noise Cancellation Technologies:

EKSA® E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming Headset

The ANC active noise cancellation means to cancel the noise by introducing additional noise on top of it. Technology has designed such a noise that can cancel the unwanted noises. The ENC environmental noise cancellation means cancelling the noise in your background or simply in your environment. Later in the article, we will also discuss in detail one of its ENC headset models called E910.

Except for ANC and ENC, various other types of headsets are available at EKSA'S. The best thing about its headsets is that they are user-friendly for people of all ages. From a school student to professional gamers and to even people who are frequent travellers, their headphones are comfortable to use in any situation.

You can also wireless headsets, USB headsets, blue-tooth headsets, wired headsets. All these types are available for you to choose from as per likings and comfort. The types, technology, and even headphone designs are so outstanding that it makes you want to buy them immediately.

For the gamers, the 5.8 GHz headsets will be good to go. It is a pretty decent frequency present in the headsets available at EKSA. This frequency is available in many best wireless gaming headsets that you can also find at EKSA. The wireless headsets give gamers an advantage to efficiently carry out their mission in games without being interrupted by headphone wires. Some of these headphones also come with built-in microphones, and they are such good quality microphones that they can efficiently deliver your voice to the person on screen.

The 5.8 GHz frequency has set the standards pretty high. It is now commonly found in many devices, and we are deeply grateful for its existence. This dual-band frequency can support up to 1300mps as well.

Now that we have learned about EKSA and the type of high-quality headphones that it is selling, we now present you with one of its best environmental noise-cancelling headphones.

EKSA E910 Environmental Noise Cancellation Headphone

EKSA® E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming Headset

The EKSA E910 is another headset that is great for environmental noise cancellation.

It has an impressive built-in ENC chipset that reduces the noise in your environment by up to 90%. You can use it easily in public places without worrying about not hearing the sound from these headphones.

It comes with soft protein memory foam on the earmuffs and a soft cushioned headband, making you feel comfortable when you wear these headphones. Also, you can adjust the headband as per your likings.

Having the comfortable earmuffs allow you to experience the sound in high-quality, making you feel almost the concerts or cinemas experience. The puffy earmuffs also play their part in cancelling any extra noise.

This 5.8 GHz headset has very stable connectivity, and the 2.4 GHz signal is seriously interfered with by other devices in your household.

The E910 is great for gaming as well. This gaming headset has 7.1 surround sound features, which makes you completely drown into your game. You can activate this feature while playing your favourite game, and it will let you hear the sound of your opponents even if they are far somewhere in the game round.

With a super cool LED light on its ear cups, you can also use this headset for ps4 XBOX gaming headset. The design is overall super fantastic as well for gamers.

It also comes with a stretchable microphone right near your mouth, so you do not have to worry about your voice not being heard by the person on call with you.

This gaming headset with a mic is built with an ergonomic design not specified for anyone. You can use it for games, while studying, playing calming music to focus, travelling to cancel noise to rest, doing a customer service job at a call center, etc. It is a multi-tasked headphone, so you do not need to worry about anything before buying this headphone.

You can also experience your XBOX in high quality while playing it with your friends and family. This best cheap gaming headset is like one in a million and has proved its features many times.

With all the fantastic features, there is more to that, and that is you can easily install it with various options.

  • Customized sound style
  • 1200 mAh super battery
  • Stretchable microphone
  • Battery life is not long

We have discussed EKSA and one of its products individually above. We also talked about two of the best technologies that EKSA is using in its headphones: ENC and ANC.

EKSA® E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming Headset

The ANC and ENC headphones are specially designed for noise reduction in daily life activities. Whether travelling, gaming or listening to music, you can use these headphones for everyday activities.

The EKSA E910 also has its benefits and works best as per some people's likings. This headphone is an excellent choice for daily use and is the best gaming headset for 2021. On a positive note, active and environmental noise cancellations are excellent technology advancements. The world is using this advanced technology well until we get another updated version of the noise cancellation system.

As for the EKSA E910, this product is growing well in the market, and people have given positive reviews on its use, so you don't think much before buying it and give this best budget gaming headset a chance.


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