Is There a Difference Between 7.1 Surround Sound and 3D Audio?

When buying a high-quality wireless gaming headset PS4 you must consider various influencing factors. Whether you use the headset to enhance the gaming experience or binge-watch T.V shows, sound quality is the first factor to consider. Having high-quality sound can give you a competitive edge in a game and create excellent effects.

There are three major audio technologies for gaming headsets:

  • Stereo sound
  • 3D audio
  • 7.1 Surround sound

The stereo sound headset contains two speakers on each side. This best gaming headset keeps the audio on the same plane. As a result, you can’t identify the exact location of the opponent. To experience three-dimensional sounds you need a good best gaming headset PS4 with advanced audio technology.

3D audio and surround sound technologies adjust instruments in a different positions. As a result, you experience depth in the sound. Gamers find these technologies fascinating because they can listen to sounds on a 360O plane.

Let’s understand 3D audio and 7.1 surround sound technologies and learn how to decide between these two options.

What is 3D Audio Technology?

3D audio offers high quality and rich sound. Many gamers attract 3D audio headset because it offers a real-life sound experience. Also, you can hear multiple sounds at the same time because of audio panning. 3D audio or spatial audio is suitable for music producers and sound engineers for detailed mixing. This wireless gaming headset pc offers a 3D overview of the sound and creates space for each instrument to stand out.

What is 7.1 Surround Sound Technology?

Many gamers prefer a virtual surround sound headset for enhanced audio quality. As the name suggests, this technology virtually adjusts the sound on a 3D plane. This means that you can identify the direction of the source using this wireless gaming headset Xbox one. This gives gamers a competitive edge over opponents. They can listen to tiny movements around and spot the enemy’s location.

Surround sound wireless gaming headset comes in two technologies, 5.1 and 7.1 systems. 7.1 surround sound system is an advanced version with two additional speakers. It contains:

  • Two rear speakers
  • Two front speakers
  • One center speaker
  • One woofer speaker
  • Two additional speakers for a deep audio experience

The alignment of these speakers recreates sounds at different distances and angles. This gives gamers an advantage to visualize an object’s position. Gamers use 7.1 surround sound headsets for a full audio experience.

How EKSA E910 is the Best 7.1 Surround Sound Headset?

EKSA® E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming Headset(FREE Headset Stand)

EKSA E910 is a special best buy gaming headset with a 7.1 surround sound system. It offers a 360O sound experience because of multiple speakers. 7.1 surround sound feature allows audio clarity and sound definition. The best budget gaming headset separates high, mid, and low frequencies giving great audio precision to the player. Here are some major features of EKSA E910 that makes it the best 7.1 surround sound headset:

1. 7.1 Surround Sound

Whether you play video games on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, the EKSA E910 gaming headset Xbox one will deliver rich sound and an authentic feel. The 7.1 surround sound feature gives 360O audio effect for immersive sound. This feature plays a vital role to improve your gaming skills and level. Upgrading to EKSA 7.1 surround sound headset makes the sound more appealing and deepening.

With great audio precision, EKSA E910 gives a studio-grade stage, especially for FPS games. Using this best wireless gaming headset you will receive a competitive edge over your audience. It allows you to detect the exact location of the enemy and create a strategy to overpower them.

2. Low Latency

Latency can be off-putting when you are playing a combat game. Latency is the time an audio signal takes to reach from the gaming console to your ear. Low latency means that the sound quickly reaches your ears after leaving the gaming console. Another way to understand latency is the synchronization of audio and video. Low latency best wireless gaming headset Xbox one enhances end-to-end speed and reduces delay. As a result, you won’t miss a sound from the game.

Since EKSA E910 is the best gaming headset Xbox one contains 7.1 surround sound technology, it allows you with sounds in real-time. Reduced delays and increased accuracy help you scale the game. When you listen to the footsteps of gunfire around in the game, you can immediately react and dominate the audience.

For instance, you are in the last circle of a PUBG match, you can instantly spot and kill your opponent even if they slightly move.

3. Easy-to-Use Control Buttons

Control buttons on the best wireless gaming headset PC earpiece give you easy control over the sound. You can increase and decrease the sound according to your preferences without browsing through the audio settings. Also, you can mute the audio if your teammates are annoying or you want to talk with your roommate.

EKSA E910 gaming headset PS4 offers easy-to-use buttons, controls, and ports. The first thing that you will use the most is the volume control wheel. This means is the most convenient way to adjust the sound according to your preference. The second important and most-used button is for mute.

4. High Comfort

EKSA E910 7.1 surround sound headset comes with soft padding manufactured with memory protein pad material. The padding on the earpiece and headband reduces clamp pressure and offers comfort even during long gaming sessions.

The soft and large cushion covers your ear for sound isolation. But, it doesn’t inflict pain on the temple. Wearing a good gaming headset you can play games for hours without frustration. On the other hand, if you have hard cushions on the Xbox gaming headset, you will start to experience severe headaches within an hour.


EKSA® E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming Headset(FREE Headset Stand)

EKSA 910 is a cheap gaming headset with advanced features. Purchasing a good wireless gaming headset is a forward-thinking and bold decision. Whether it comes to surround sound or comfort, EKSA E910 is the best option for gamers. Furthermore, wide compatibility makes it an ideal option for different gamers.

You can connect this Bluetooth gaming headset with PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. However, it only connects with Bluetooth devices. If you want to pair this device with a different console, you will need a USB dongle. Surprisingly, you will get a USB dongle for wireless connection in the box.


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