EKSA's New Xbox Headset-E7000 Fenrir Gaming Headset

Whether you are a novice or a professional gamer, you can improve your gaming experience and skills by switching to advanced tools with specific features. Many manufacturers’ design high-quality tools such as mouse and keyboards, so gamers can improve. The EKSA E7000 Fenrir Xbox headset is a newly launched xbox stereo headset, especially designed for the gaming warrior.

If you are gaming enthusiast, you will fall in love with this xbox headset on your first encounter. The design, colors, and sound quality, everything about this headset make it an ideal option for gamers.

Features of EKSA New Xbox Headset

EKSA® E7000 Fenrir Xbox Gaming Headset

Here are some effective features of EKSA E7000 new Xbox headset:

1. Real Over Ear Headset

The problem with many gaming xbox one headsets is they don’t fit properly around your entire ear. Many gamers complain that the small earcups barely fit their ear causing sound leaks. To enhance your gaming experience you need an option with big ear cups. By purchasing best xbox one headset with big earcups, you can enjoy detailed sound with high-definition.

The reason why you should purchase EKSA E7000 xbox headset is massive earcups. The earcups are so big that it easily fits on any ear size. When earcups completely cover your ears, you wilol experience advanced sound quality. Also, the earmuffs acts as a sound proofing layer, which creates sound isolation. As a result, you can listen to every little detail from the game.

2. High-Quality Speakers

Another benefit of this xbox gaming headset is the 50mm speakers that allow you to experience the sounds at different levels. Gamers often complain that their good xbox headsets have low sound because of small speakers. What’s the point of purchasing best xbox headset if you can’t hear the explosions in the game like it’s supposed to sound? Meanwhile, EKSA E7000 headset offer clear sound to gamers so they can disconnect with the real world and dive into the gaming world.

3. Exclusive Werewolf Design

EKSA® E7000 Fenrir Xbox Gaming Headset

If you want to purchase a best gaming headset xbox one with sound quality as well as sleek design, you should opt for EKSA E7000. You won’t find a headset better than this one at the given price. After cobra designed earbuds, EKSA again surprised their followers with werewolf designed headset. Wearing this headset, you will feel like the King of Seven Kingdoms from Game of Thrones. The cool monochrome lightening will illuminate in the dark create unique style. Furthermore, the perfect design of this headset is perfect for game scenario.

4. Multi-platform Compatibility

Another reason to purchase this headset is compatibility with different gaming devices. Although EKSA E7000 the best buy xbox headset is a perfect headset for Xbox, you can connect it with other devices as well. The compatible devices include PlayStation, PC, and Mac. Furthermore, you can also plug this headset with mobile devices and tablets. The dual connectivity plug allows you to connect this headset with a wide range of devices.

5. 3.5 mm Cable

Many gamers today prefer wireless headset, but after a while they starts experiencing latency issues. Although this problem is not common in all wireless xbox headset with mic. EKSA designs headsets with lower latency, which reduces the delay in screen and sound timing.

But, since this best wired headset directly connect with the device, the signals travel in only one direction. As a result, you can listen to your teammates without distortion. EKSA E7000 the best wired gaming headset has a long wire that offers freedom of movement as well as offer low latency in connection.

6. Memory Foam Cushions

The protein-material memory foam cushions offer extensive comfort to the gamers. These cushions adjust according to the shape of your face. The manufacturers at EKSA placed these cushions on the earcups and headband. So, you can play games for extended hours. On the other hand, when you use headset with hard cushion, you cannot wear them for more than an hour. If you force yourself to wear the headset, you will develop pain around your ears, head, and neck.

7. 120 Degrees Rotatable Microphone

EKSA E7000 wired headset with mic has a 120 degree rotatable microphone. When you want to communicate with your team, you can place the microphone in front of your mouth. However, when you don’t want to communicate with your team or you are playing single player games, you can move the microphone according to your comfort. The rotatable feature offer comfort and convenience to the gamers.

8. Mute Switch

Manufacturers at EKSA ensure that their headset offers comfort to their target audience. This wired headset has multiple features to offer convenience to the gamers. One of these features is mute switch and volume wheel. The mute switch on the earcup allows you to mute the microphone without navigating through the system settings. You can simply reach out your hand and mute your mic.

Furthermore, the volume wheel on the earcup reduces your efforts to turn down the volume. Suppose you are in the last circle of PUBG game and your teammates are consistently shouting with excitement. You can instantly reduce their voice so you can focus on the screen and eventually win the game.

9. Budget-Friendly Headset

Unlike other advanced headset with incredible sound quality, comfort, and robust design, EKSA E7000 xbox wired headset is a budget-friendly headset. So, if you want to purchase high-quality headset, without breaking the bank, you can opt for EKSA E7000 gaming headset.


EKSA® E7000 Fenrir Xbox Gaming Headset

Now that you know the advanced features of EKSA E7000 xbox one headset with mic, you can make an informed decision. EKSA E7000 is a robust and high quality headset with multiple features to support gamers. The high sound quality gives you clarity so you can determine the exact location of your opponent and create a successful strategy.

The werewolf design gives you classy look so you feel like a warrior whenever you wear your headset. The protein-material memory headset offer complete comfort, so you can play games for extensive hours. This means that if you are planning gaming night with your friends, you should buy this best gaming headset to improve your performance.


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