Best EKSA Lightweight Gaming Mice for FPS Gaming

Gamers will only be able to fully enjoy the gameplay experience if they already have good gaming mouse to use that matches their gaming style and preferences.

Some like heavy gaming mouse that offers the feel of weight, some prefer lightweight gaming mice that is more sensitive and take less efforts to move. This article will focus on the two EKSA featured ultra-light gaming mice. Read below to learn what you have to know about a good lightweight gaming mice.

EKSA EM500 Lightweight Gaming Mouse

This beauty comes packed with the following features:

EKSA EM500 Lightweight Gaming Mouse
Design with a 68g ultra-lightweight construction

The EM500 lightweight mouse is very light, weighing just 2.39 ounces.

It is 50 percent lighter than a regular mouse while keeping its ultra-durable strength thanks to a sturdy yet lightweight gaming mouse outer shell that is both solid and lightweight.

This mouse is intended for professional gamers, and they can use it with various mouse grips.

Optical Sensor with a resolution of 12400 DPI

There are seven different DPI settings to choose from 800 - 12400 range. These ranges may accommodate a wide variety of gaming requirements. It enables you to manage the pace casually and straightforwardly.

Furthermore, there is no need for additional drivers or software since the USB receiver may be connected directly to the USB interface.

Buttons with Customizable RGB and Flexibility

Chroma RGB color settings include 16.8 million color combinations in the preset profiles for use with Photoshop in this cool RGB lightweight gaming mice.

Eight buttons are provided, including the Left button, the Right button, the Forward and Back buttons, the DPI+ button, the DPI- button, and the Scroll wheel on this mouse with side buttons.

(Please keep in mind that this EKSA mouse is not programmable with MacOS).

Ergonomic Design & Long-Lasting Quality

The EM500 has been developed to provide optimum comfort. This ultralight best gaming mouse allows gamers to play for long periods without fatigue.

It has a cable length of up to 1.85 meters and has a 20 million click durability.

Wide Range of Compatibility

This gaming mouse is functional with the following operating systems: XP/VISTA/7/8/10/MAC OS.

You may also use it with a notebook, a PC, a laptop, a computer, a MacBook, etc.

EM600 Advanced Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Now EKSA EM600 is a gold standard of lightweight wired gaming mice that sets the standard for all others to follow.

EKSA EM600 RGB Advanced Wired Gaming Mouse

Along with excellent functional standards set by EM500 like 12K+ DPI, RGB Back Lights, and being lightweight, It enhances and builds up your best lightweight gaming mouse experience with additional features:

  • TTC Dustproof Gold Micro Switch is ten times more dustproof than the competition.
  • Also included is a micro switch capable of withstanding up to twenty million clicks.
  • It has a Sniper Button and 8 Programmable Buttons for easy use.
  • An ergonomic design for the right hand, as well as a 90g weight reduction
  • 12 RGB Backlighting Modes that can be customized.
  • It's easy on the hand by being designed to be used by any professional gamer who uses the palm, fingertips, or claw.
  • It can even save multiple gamer profiles for easy access and multiuse.

The one-of-a-kind, as mentioned earlier, features enhance the overall game experience.

What to consider when purchasing a gaming mouse


DPI, in essence, is a gauge of how responsive your mouse is and whether it transfers the movement on the screen to the keyboard. The definition of DPI is the number of pixels that your screen pointer will travel for every inch that your mouse moves.

As a result, the screen's resolution will be determined by the size of the screen.

The higher the DPI of your mouse, the more significant the mouse motion on display per inch of the progression of the mouse. You will require a higher DPI mouse if you have a bigger screen. The procedure has the potential to improve your gaming experience. A higher DPI (dots per inch) indicates that the mouse is more sensitive. With a higher DPI, even the most minor movements of the mouse will convert into a significant amount of movement just on the monitor.

Additionally, a low DPI would be less sensitive, allowing for more accurate aiming while using a mouse. A lower DPI implies that little motions of the light gaming micewill almost always go unnoticed by the computer. Some of the most significant gaming mice available today are equipped with a DPI adjustment feature.

A gamer may now choose between rapidly low DPI for spontaneous motions and sluggish high DPI for management and precision. A different resolution is the CPI, which focuses on the lens's physical sensation employed in the mouse sensors. It reflects the number of samples taken per inch.

Your mouse sensitivity may be determined by the CPI and DPI settings. A broad sensitivity range is required for your gaming mouse to maximize your gaming experience.

Handy Grips

Because of the current surge in popularity of video games, more players spend a lot of time absorbed in their games. Consequently, the ergonomics of a mouse are critical since you will be using it for extended periods. A decent ultralight mouse should be comfortable to operate and have a pleasant grip type. A gaming mouse will also include detachable weights, allowing you to tailor the mouse to the player's individual preferences.

In addition, some mice include extra buttons that may be programmed with macro instructions to do fast movements. A good gaming mouse will give comfort and adjustable settings to help you get the most out of your gaming experience.

Most gamers choose to grasp their controllers with their fingertips, claw, or palm grip techniques to improve their budget lightweight gaming mice experience.

When choosing a mouse, the mouse gripping style is critical since it influences the weight and form of the mouse, which is most comfortable for you.

Sensor Types

The Sensor is, without a doubt, among the most significant aspects of a computer mouse. The Sensor is responsible for enabling the lightweight gaming mice for FPS gaming to work and monitoring the mouse's movement over various surfaces. Afterward, the sensor interprets the best fps gaming mouse movements on the computer screen, allowing you to operate the cursor.

A gaming mouse may be divided into two categories, considered separately. Laser or optical sensors are now available as choices for the good mouse for FPS games.

An LED lights the surfaces the mouse is traveling over, thanks to an optical sensor and an LED. The light is reflected off the surfaces and sent to the mouse's Sensor via the surface reflection.

With hundreds of tracking operations per second, the sensor scans the surface and detects mouse movement in real-time. Because of the LED light, certain transparent or reflecting surfaces may not be appropriate for use with an optical sensor mouse.

A laser sensor is an alternative to this.

A tiny infrared laser scans the surface of these mice numerous times each second, thanks to the technology used. This laser lights the surface it is on, allowing the Sensor to build an image of the surface it is on effectively. The laser is much more accurate and can function on a broader range of surfaces, but it is more reactive to dust and fibers than the traditional method. Both kinds of sensors are often found in a high-quality gaming mouse. Personal preference will be taken into consideration while deciding which option to choose.

Wireless vs. Wired

Many people are already aware of the primary variation between wireless and wired gaming mice – one uses a cable that is directly plugged into a USB port.

At the same time, the other connects via a wireless connection. You can achieve this wireless connection through a 2.4GHz USB dongle or Bluetooth. A wired mouse is still quicker and more responsive than a wireless mouse.

A best wired lightweight gaming mouse is a less expensive and more practical alternative for the average computer user on a budget. On the other side, a wireless mouse is a little fancier and gives you the complete flexibility to roam your desk. The distinction in detection and sensitivity isn't very noticeable, but these mice are unmistakably the prototypes for the gadgets of the future, as shown by their design.

All the mentioned features are already available in both models as EKSA EM500 lightweight gaming mouse and EKSA EM600 RGB advanced wired gaming mouse.


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